Grappling with Indecision and Alignment in a Personal Relationship

#channeling q&a Nov 01, 2021

Participant: I have been grappling with indecision and lack of clarity around my personal relationship, and I would like to better understand the root cause of that. 

Alcazar: This is not unusual in relationships. When you feel what is right for you, and then you hear the position of the other, and [you feel] your natural love energy towards the other, you then disempower yourself from your own conviction. You are in duality. You will always feel the opposite. And so, in these challenging understandings around relationship and feelings, one has to be aware that you will always have both sides. "Yes, I want to commit to being with this one," and, "No, I do not." Both have a learning for you. And where there is indecision, it means that it still has a learning for you. When you decide, "OK. I am not going to be with this one." Or "OK, I am going to be with this one," then, you move into that experience. You're learning and you're experiencing growth in your understanding about yourself in this relationship.

       And so if you have decided, "Yes, I will be with this one," then you move into it. You have an understanding and that understanding either takes you deeper or it takes you to a place of, "Oh, this is complete now. Thank you for being in my life. I bless you as we move on in separate ways and we can still be close friends." Or, you have decided, "No, I'm not going to be with that one." And that brings up the emotional needs, the, "Oh, I wish I could make it work," and all these various thoughts and feelings. That too can be a learning and understanding. And with that depth of understanding, it might take you back to be with that one or it might empower you to be within your own strength and knowingness. For from that place of your own internal strength and knowingness, you know what is right for you.  

– Alcazar

September Intensive, 2021

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