From Chaos to Clarity

The following was shared during "From Chaos to Clarity" Stargate event in London,

Dec. 28-29th, 2021

Participant Question:  Humanity is finally waking up as a whole on this planet. And part of the intuition that I'm feeling is that it's waking up to the corruption and the control that governments and financial institutions have had over us. I believe 2022 is the start of more use of cryptocurrency and more new technologies and this is going to emerge as abundance for everyone on the planet. And it will be controlled by us and not the very few.

AlcazarWhat you are saying, Beloved, is a beautiful vision. And it is important for everyone to understand that each individual controls their own reality. This is very difficult for many people, especially at times like these when you say, "Oh, but look at what's happening in the world. How can you say I am controlling my own reality?" Beloveds, we say it very clearly. You create your own experiences. So let us talk, first of all, what is happening in the world with your so-called corona virus. There is control happening. Yes. But let us respond to what you were saying earlier. People are beginning to awaken. People are beginning to look at what is happening, and saying, "We want to live in a different way. We want to live in love. We want to live in equality. We want to live in freedom. We want to become more conscious." 

The Awakening

Humanity is slowly, slowly awakening, more and more people are turning to meditation. More and more people are looking at themselves and saying, "How can I change what I am living?" This is beautiful. And as this occurs, as millions of people around your world slowly awaken, the energy of awakening, the energy of consciousness, which is building, actually created the breakdown that is happening right now. Understand this: because you are demanding a change energetically, you and millions of others wanting something better, wanting something new, you have created the breaking down of the old structures which started. And then the old controlling mechanisms, they did not like what was happening. They did not like the awakening. And so in various ways, the control is trying to hold on. 

 Collectively Desiring Something New

So, that is how you find yourself right now. Each one of you desiring something new, something different, something better, have added your energy [to the collective consciousness], which is creating the breakdown and the reaction of the old control. We have said many times that the new is coming. We have said many times there are changes occurring beneath the surface, so to speak. There are technologies which are available already on your planet and they have been available for many, many years. Technologies to create free energy. Technologies to clean your water. Technologies to repopulate the Earth with beautiful, nourishing soil. These technologies are already there, but the old control is not allowing them to surface yet. But know, Beloveds, they are there. In this process of the old breaking down, there is much change happening. Your question refers to the financial situation. 

The old financial situation is in dire straits, so to speak. It is on the edge of collapse. That is the case. There are many countries struggling. You will find that in the next short while there will indeed be a major financial adjustment, so to speak. Understand that this, too, is part of the old system breaking down. We are moving into a more chaotic experience. And. As we have named this two days together, from chaos to clarity, we invite you to focus not on the chaos, but to focus on that which you wish to create. And Beloved Ones, what is most important in these times is community and friendship and supporting each other. Because some of you will find you are in a situation where you are comfortable and others will find you are in a situation of dire need. Help each other. Do not hold on or hoard that which you have, whatever it might be. 

Each One of You Affects What Is Occurring

Understand that you can move very rapidly through these times of transition, or you can go very slowly. And each one of you, Beloveds, affects what is occurring in your world, both locally within your own family and friends and globally. So, yes, indeed, there is going to be financial challenges for many of you. Do not be afraid to ask friends to support you. Do not be afraid to offer that which you have to those in need. Take care of each other. We do not wish this to be depressing. Far from it. Do not take it in this way. You are in times of transition. So, Beloved Ones, we ask you just to take a moment right now and just visualize a world where you feel great joy walking along the street, seeing the smiling faces, seeing people actually happy, smiling at each other. Visualize yourself as you walk along the street, seeing the restaurants bustling with people enjoying delicious food. Imagine yourself traveling, enjoying new places with ease. Imagine yourself with your friends, celebrating the new. Imagine yourself feeling abundant with the old memories of financial stress in the distant past. Imagine yourself with your friends, celebrating together, saying, "Look, look what we have done." These times are coming, Beloveds. How fast they come is up to you individually, for you influence your own experience, and as a group, as humanity. Times of great need drive, great innovation. And there has been an inhibition imposed, actually imposed on this innovation. But it is not just from your world leaders, those who are in control. It is also, actually, Spirit. The Star Families will not deliver technologies until humanity is at the level of consciousness where you all ready to receive these technologies without distorting them, using them for violence or sequestering them for the gain of the few.

The Invisible Matrix That Connects Humanity

  There is an invisible matrix that connects all of humanity, we call it the Quantum Fields. The work that you are doing here is actually fueling the realization in the mass consciousness of humanity that you are all one. You know this. We have said this many times in many ways. Your cryptocurrencies are a demonstration of the great creative potential that humanity holds for their power actually lies in the distribution of the network. It is not controlled by any one source, and therefore it is not manipulate-able. We would suggest this technology, as you know, is in its infancy, but we would suggest you have not truly seen what it is capable of. So, we would simply invite you, Beloved, to pay attention. Continue to follow your curiosity. Watch as this technology develops, as the case, the use cases of this technology are sparked into being. But know that what will free humanity is far more than just a financial revolution. It is an energy revolution. There are physicists who are on the brink of bringing technologies that will free humanity in major ways, potentially, but these are all simply potentials. It is for humanity to draw them into being. But we say this Beloveds, you are doing exceedingly well. Continue to focus on the sense of community and communion that you are fostering here. Continue to visualize, as we have said, these great, resilient communities where people are taking care of each other, where the very depths of your humanness is being honored, recognized for who you are. Start to live that truth now. 


 Chaos to Clarity, London, Dec. 2021 – Day 1 Session 3 - Q&A

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