Everyone Chose Their Parents

Question: Can I bring thoughts of my daughter, who is experiencing mental imbalance, with me into the field, into the void?

Alcazar: Beloved One, it is important for each and every one of you to understand that everyone, without exception, chose their parents knowing the potential of the experience that they would be moving into. So your daughter has chosen this experience. Many beings, advanced spiritual beings are choosing difficult life experiences. Because you are an advanced being, you chose to have a difficult experience in the lifetime. You knew that you would be shut down, that you would go unconscious through this experience. But you also knew that your beingness would bring you up into awareness again. And as you do this, you shed the limitations that you were born into, that you chose to come into to experience with. And in doing so, you are creating a pathway in a sense for others who have a similar disability, a similar challenge. And so Beloved One, it is hard for parents when their child seems to be struggling with something. When you go into the void, just simply connect for yourself. When you go into the void, forget about your daughter. Move deeply into the void. Be with the energies that come to you there. When we do these meditations, there will be so much love coming to you when you are in the void and that love can open up your perception, and then there will be a more beautiful relationship between you and your daughter. Sometimes children come with an imbalance in order to assist the parents in their awakening process. So focus on your own personal growth, and in that way you will have a deeper relationship with your daughter and you can assist her in the most appropriate way, whatever that might be.

- Alcazar

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