Creating through Gratitude

#channeling Nov 30, 2021

Change does not happen, in the past or the future. It can only happen in the now. We have been talking these days of how your vibration, moment by moment, vibrates the Quantum Field. And the Quantum Field reflects back to you your thoughts and feelings – not just the conscious ones, but the subconscious ones also. So, you may be trying hard to create a new reality, but if your subconscious is saying, "Oh you don't deserve this." Or "You're not good enough for it." Then it will never happen. Then those subconscious feelings are more powerful simply because they are there 24 hours a day. And your conscious focus on your new creation is only there for a short time. Beloveds, when you are truly focused, the power of the conscious mind is much stronger. And so when you are totally relaxed and focusing, you can create a strong energetic of transformation. One of the energies or vibrations that we've talked of many times is the vibration of gratitude.

Accelerate Your Creation

One way to accelerate creation in your so-called future is to feel gratitude in your now for that which is about to come. And this is a little strange for the mind initially, but you can celebrate it in the now. You can feel the deep gratitude for something that you wish to create, something that your mind does not say, "Oh that is not possible,"

If you  intend to create something in your life, you can start feeling a deep gratitude for it now. For example, if you are wishing to create a new job, but you do not have to know where the job will be or even what the job will be. If you start to feel gratitude and think, "Oh Thank you, bringing me this new job, it is so wonderful." And you start to feel how it is wonderful, this new job. It will feel exciting, and you will feel the excitement. It will be rewarding. You will feel that your skills are being honored and you are well compensated for what you are doing. You will feel gratitude for being paid well for the job that you are doing, either financially or in other ways.

Can you feel how grateful you are to be given this new job? Can you feel grateful for the responsibility you're being given in this new job? Yes, you are being honored by being given this responsibility. Tune in to how it feels. Maybe it also gives you a sense of freedom, feeling grateful for the freedom that this job allows you. Maybe the times are flexible. What is it you wish to create and can you feel grateful for it now, in this moment? Because by combining the feeling with the intention in the now, you start to draw that into your reality. Because the Quantum Field reflects back to you what you are vibrating in the now. So this is a powerful way of bringing change into your life.

– Alcazar

Mexico Retreat, Nov. 2021 – Creating through Gratitude


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