Courageous Enough to Say “Yes” to Spirit?

channelings Apr 08, 2020

Consciously Creating Balance

“It is important for you all to understand that you, just you, create the experiences that you have in your life. You create the friends. You create abundance or lack of it. You create illness and disease. You create health and vitality. You do. You create it. You do not catch an illness. Yes, there may be a bug going around, but it only affects you if your vibration is open to receive that illness. And you create that. You create accepting this disease. Your thoughts, your emotions create imbalance. Imbalance turns into this disease. Your medical science is still very, very old-fashioned, but there are some beautiful researchers who are beginning to realize things work very differently. Your mind, your thoughts and your feelings create a vibration.

Every single thought that you have, every single word that you speak, every single feeling that you radiate – whether or not express – they all have a vibration. You are vibrating. Your energy is vibrating every single moment, and the universe, the quantum field responds to your vibration. If you are vibrating in anger and resentment, then you attract situations in life which will create further anger and resentment. If you have thoughts of abundance and joy, feeling abundant joy, you start to attract situations where you start living in joy and abundance. It is important to understand to truly understand that you create your own reality with your thoughts, with your feelings, with your words.

Consciously Create Abundance

You can start consciously feeling, thinking abundant thoughts, feeling what it is like to live in abundance,  even if you are not living in that right now. This is difficult for the mind to accept, so really listen to what we are saying. If you can start imagining, feeling abundant, if you can imagine when you wish to go for a holiday vacation that you can just go with no thoughts about how much it is going to cost, how freeing that feels. If you can imagine saying, “Oh, I would like to go to a nice restaurant right now,”  and  you just go, and you enjoy a beautiful meal with no thoughts about how much it's going to cost, and giving a big tip at the end, can you imagine that? Can you feel it? Because when you start to imagine those things, when you start to feel those things, existence starts to match your vibration with experiences in the physical.

Opening to the Unexpected

 You do not know how these things are going to come to you, but you have to want them, to desire them, to intend. When this one, Prageet, started sharing Alcazar with groups, he enjoyed it very much. He would have a little gathering and there would be 12 to 15 people. It was wonderful, and then one day he thought, “This is so great, I would like to have more people to share this with.” Very soon it wasn't 12 or 15, it was 30. That felt even better. So, yes, thank you, bring me more. Now look, it’s just a small group of 500 and something, and you know what? Next year is going be twice as big. We are limited in this small room. So beloved ones, what can you imagine? What can you allow yourself to receive? So your vibration creates. Your vibration creates. It's no good being happy on the outside and thinking angry thoughts on the inside, because your angry thoughts are vibrations also.

An Invitation to Say ‘Yes’

We are inviting you to raise your energy. We are inviting you to say, “yes,” to the unknown. We are inviting you to say, “yes” to the next step in your life even though you do not know what it is. Can you be courageous enough  to say “yes” to spirit? To say “yes” to your super-consciousness? Yes I am ready. I don't know what is next, but bring it on. Are you ready for that? It's no good just saying, “Yes, I am.” You have to feel it. You have to want it. You have to desire the new.’’ - Channeling from Alcazar, Slovenia, April 2019, Blueprint for a New Humanity

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