Communication Between the Superconsciousness and the Body


We would like to say a few words about the communication between the Superconsciousness, which is the real you, and how that Superconsciousness connects into this human vehicle, this body, so that your Superconsciousness can experience the physical dimension. When you come into the body, when you are born, or more correctly, when your consciousness enters into the baby still in the womb, this Superconsciousness connects into every molecule of DNA. So, your Superconsciousness is connected literally into every cell of your body.

And so your Superconsciousness communicates to every cell. It is an energetic which you are not aware of yet. This is how that part of the Superconsciousness that is called the innate intelligence, takes care of the body through direct communication to each and every cell. The energy of that communication from your Superconsciousness is received by the DNA. And then the DNA communicates to the rest of the cell and to other cells.

Scientists have recently been able to measure and see the energy coming from the DNA to other cells and within the cell. It is a light energy. Light is radiated from the DNA. They call it bio luminescence. It is a recent discovery from your scientists. Yet, we have been talking about this for a very long time. Science is beginning to catch up with the understandings that we and others have shared. So, your Superconsciousness communicates to your DNA, your DNA communicates within the cell and to other cells. 

- Alcazar

2017 Stargate Summer Gathering

How Our Superconsciousness Connects into the Body

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