Channeling Your Superconscious Name

Uncategorized Nov 01, 2021

And so Beloved Ones, we are with thee again. We have said many times in the past that you are a Superconscious being. You are far more than this humanness. And so it is important for you to let go of who you think you are. For who you think you are is simply your mind or your ego's projection. And that is based on limitations, self judgment, comparison with others and so on. If you can understand that who you think you are is limited and in some areas incorrect. If you can decide to let go of the rigid hold that you have on who you think you are, then you can start to discover who you truly are. You can start to connect with your Superconscious self. Your Superconscious self can start embodying within the human self.

As your Superconsciousness becomes more and more part of your humanness your reality changes, because you become a very conscious creator of those things that the human aspect has been desiring start to manifest. And those things that you have been desiring but aren't really for your highest good -- those desires dissolve and are replaced with the intent to create the highest potential for you. And so we are going to encourage you these days to recognize how you hold on to your image of yourself, of who you think you are. And we are going to ask you to do something which your mind might say, "Oh, this is very silly or childish." But we are going to invite you just to try it out.

Find a Name for Yourself

We're going to ask you in a very sincere way to find a name for yourself. Not the one that you have, not the one that perhaps your parents were going to call you, but didn't. Create a name for yourself. And that name is going to reflect the Superconscious you. That does not mean you have to come up with an airy fairy, angelic name. No. We are asking you to really tune in. It can be a very ordinary human name, it does not have to be. Anything, woo, woo! Tune in and feel what name would you bring to yourself? Your Superconscious self, your higher self. And in your interactions with each other share this new name, "I am..." And say this new name.

If you can do this with sincerity, it will start to break the rigid hull that you have to your identity, to who you think you are. If you can say this new name is my new reality, my higher reality, my deeper connection to my Superconscious self. And many of you have had a name just pop in. As we were talking, this one, Prageet, got the name Robert. So for the next few days, he is Robert. If you can allow for the possibility that this will assist you. And letting go of the rigid hold of your personality. It will also open you up to connecting more to the Superconscious self. If you take this as a silly game, then it will simply be that for you. OK? It is time to let go of who you think you are so that you can become the real you.

 - Alcazar

September Intensive, 2021 - Channeling Your Superconscious Name 

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