Change Can Be Terrifyingly Simple

channelings Jan 28, 2021

Beloved ones, change can be terrifyingly simple. Why do we describe it as that? Because you are terrified of being in your power. You are terrified that the old security of the limitations that you hold, will not be there anymore. You are holding on to these things that you don't want to have, because you are afraid of the unknown. Your mind does not know how it is going to be; how are you going to survive if you come into your power. How are you going to earn money if you step out of that job that you know you don't want to do? You may say, "How am I going to survive if I walk out of that relationship that is slowly, slowly strangling me? How am I going to survive if I stop controlling everything?" It is time to realize that that's survival fear. It doesn't have to be there. It is time to realize that.

You are beginning to see. You are beginning to understand the way creation works. What you focus on, you create. So whilst you continue to be afraid of letting go of the old, the fear is still there. It is self-perpetuating. It goes on and on cycling around you. Those people who have stepped out of that fear and allowed their creativity to blossom, enjoy their lives so much. They wish there was so much, much, much more time in the day so that they could do even more. You are beginning to understand that things can be different.

At some point, the courage will be there to say, "I am not going to continue to cycle the fear around, and around and around. I am going to open up to existence." You can call it guides if you wish, you can call it angels if you wish. You can call it God or Spirit if you wish. "I am going to open up and allow the flow of the universe to support me. Yes, there will be challenges. That is life. Because that is how your understanding deepens, how your creativity is fine-tuned, how your joy becomes deeper.

Because with each challenge overcome, there is more joy, more laughter, because you start to know that whatever existence throws at you the solution is there also. You just have to ask, you just have to listen, you just have to feel, you just have to know that you have that ability within you. Because you, you are creating the challenges. You are creating the difficulties in your life, just to show yourself just another flavor of your abilities, of your creativity. You are the answer to all your questions. 

- Alcazar, Love and the Energy of Home, Audio archive, 2015 

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