Can I Protect Myself Using the Stargate?

#becoming superconscious q&a Apr 05, 2021

Question from Tino: Can I protect myself from 5G using the Stargate? 

Prageet: The Stargate is a conscious being. An etheric Stargate connects you to this conscious being. 5G energy is simply a frequency. It's a frequency that's being broadcast out more and more around the planet. And that energy can bring you down. For some people, it is really disturbing and you can change that. So, first of all, don't try and protect yourself from 5G. Try first to ask for an energy field, a high vibrational energy field. And let me just digress in a way, because Alcazar has said in the past, energy is simply energy. Energy is not positive or negative; energy is just energy. How you receive it, how you judge that energy makes it positive or negative, makes it beneficial or harmful.  

So, with 5G, and other energetics in a similar vein, don't try and protect yourself from it. Just invite your Superconscious self, your guides, your physical body to receive those energies in a beneficial way. That might seem very strange to most people, but energy is energy. You can receive frequency and your system can adjust that energy to be beneficial. Masters and yogis have demonstrated that for many, many years. They can take poison and it doesn't affect them.  That is just another form of vibration, which we would judge as negative. When you do not judge it, when you do not try and protect, but receive all and every energy coming from whatever source and your intention is to receive it in a way that uplifts you, that benefits you. So this is a challenge. Take the challenge and see if you can start to be open to everything with no judgment, but with a strong intention for everything to be beneficial to you. 

Julieanne: OK, so take a moment to imagine what Prageet is saying, which is essentially that you have the ability to transmute substances and neutralize potentially harmful effects. Just imagine having the ability to do that. So that requires a high level of entanglement with your Superconsciousness. If all of the molecules in our physical reality are actually made up of protons, which are actually made up of energy, that is a potential. And there's like a disclaimer that's needed because along the way, we can support ourselves in elevating to those spaces by actually honoring our physical bodies, by not eating poisons before already being a transmuter! So just be open to both ways. Don't feel like you have to negate or neglect taking care of yourself on a physical level. If you know that you're being exposed to electromagnetic fields and you know some ways that you can boost your body and give the replenishment that you need, do those things, and at the same time, imagine what you are saying, where you're able to neutralize them effortlessly. So use all of the resources and tools that you have. It's really important.

– Prageet & Julieanne

Becoming Superconscious Feb. 2021 

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