On Becoming Superconscious

programs Feb 01, 2021

Our intention is to ground people into reality, rather than the growing illusion that is occurring in your world.

If you are living an illusion you cannot create that which you wish to create.

You have to be grounded in reality - which might look very different from that which is presented to you in your media - and by those around you who believe what they have read and what they have heard.

Our intention is to connect you - clearly, consciously - to that which we call the quantum field - which is the greater reality even beyond your third dimensional reality.

It is, in fact, a place from where all creation emerges … it is where you create from.

You are unaware of this; but it is the case.

Your creation - your thoughts, your emotions, are the creative force which vibrate the very essence of the quantum field, drawing forth into the physical that which you call third dimensional reality.

You can create physical objects. You can create experiences. You can create elevated experiences.

It all depends on your willingness, your intention and your understanding of the process of creating from the field.

Every thought is creative. Every emotion is creative.

The more powerful the thought; the more repeated the thought; the stronger its creative force.

Bring in an opposite thought, a negative thought, a feeling of ‘that which I wish to create is impossible’ and that energy, that negativity dissolves the process of creation.

And so it is to be very aware of the small voice inside - the voice of your negative programming that says ‘these things are not possible’ or ‘I do not deserve it’ ‘I am unworthy, unloveable, etc, etc.

So we wish first to explain the creative process and then we wish to assist you in addressing those parts of Self which are destroying or diluting the energies that you put into the field with the intention of creating.

These processes are quite simple.

The challenge is being alert, the challenge is to WELCOME clarity about your limitations, rather than hiding them as you have been trained to do.

It is to celebrate each time you notice a limitation - to welcome it. To allow yourself to INVESTIGATE every corner of it. Every element of it.

So that you have a full understanding of that limitation, and even an appreciation of it.

For this too was a creation of yours from your past which you no longer need.

And with the understanding there can be a loving dissolution, an understanding ‘I no longer need this’, and from that point on the energy that was tied up energizing that limitation is now free - it is free to be used in a creative act; it becomes an empowerment.

As you begin to connect more deeply to the Quantum Field where your Superconscious exists, you will find that your Superconscious Self begins to open up areas of experiencing that perhaps you have not even imagined.

In the Quantum Field there is no time.

In the Quantum Field just as you can access your Inner Child, that younger Self from the so-called past, you can also access that which you call past lives.

Your past lives are but a continuum of your conscious experiencing through your many human forms.

There is much that you have learned.

There are many skills that you have developed in these so called past lives.

They can be accessed; they can be remembered; recalled.

Perhaps in a past life you were a wealthy merchant; you knew how to be creative in the manufacture of wealth. Would you like to remember that ability?

Perhaps you were one who was an awesome orator or writer, a communicator. Would you like to re-access that ability?

Perhaps in a past life you were an amazing teacher. Would you like to be able to easily share the wisdom that you have with others?

Perhaps in a past life you lived a long and healthy life with an amazing attunement to your physical body, being able to listen to its subtle energies. Would you like to recall that ability in this current body?

Can you see that there are incredible potentials - hidden right now?

...But accessible through your Superconscious Self as you begin to dissolve these temporary, but persistent limitations?

-Alcazar, January 31st, 2021

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