Allow Life to Take Care of You

#channeling May 19, 2021

Beloved Ones, we greet 'tis Alcazar. And it is indeed a great honor to be with you at this moment of your time. It is a joy for us. It is a joy for us to see the rapid changes that are occurring for humanity. Beloved Ones, there are hundreds of thousands of people like yourselves all around your world and in every country of your world. And they are awakening as you are. They are beginning to realize there is more than they have known. And there is an excitement brewing in humanity, an understanding that things can be different now.

We Are Here to Support You

Beloveds, we are here to support you in a new reality. We are here to support you in the transition from the old way into the new way. We are here to support you from the old way of having to work hard in order to achieve things into the new way where you relax. Stop trying hard and allow life to take care of you.  This goes against all your training. This goes against the way that you have lived your life up until now. But it is the new way. It is actually a far more creative way. And it involves living in joy. It involves more love coming into your life. It involves more of the things that you would like to have in your life. 

 – Alcazar

Budapest, Hungary, 2017 - Day 1, Meditation 1

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