All the Dimensions Are Here

#channeling Jul 11, 2022


You are all aware to a greater or lesser extent that you are not alone in this vast universe. In this, your Milky Way, there are millions of stars, and millions upon millions of planets around those stars. There is life throughout this, your universe. Humanity is relatively new in the scale of things in this vastness. But you are not. You are new to this earth, even though perhaps you have lived a hundred or so lifetimes already in human form. This day you will get a taste of dimensional frequencies. But, do you know the vastness of this universe? It has trillions upon trillions of stars, of galaxies, simply in this universe. And Beloved Ones, although your scientists cannot prove it yet, there are so many universes.

And now something else which might simply stop your brain altogether. We have explained that the dimensions are not somewhere else. They are all here in this space, just frequency bands. Let us explain that a little. Your third dimension, as you call it, is a range of frequencies. You know this because your ears are tuned in to certain frequencies that you called sound. Your eyes are tuned in to much higher frequencies that you call light. But it is all part of this reality. So, you can see there is a range of frequencies. As those frequencies get higher, you move into higher dimensions. And so, all the dimensions are here. The reason that you do not experience them moment to moment is simply because you are using your physical senses. And in time your higher senses will also activate and you will be able to select where you put your conscious focus. And so, all the dimensions are here in this same space. All the universes are here in this same space. They are not somewhere else. It is a concept so vast it.

- Alcazar

Stargate Workshop, Sausalito, 2013 - Part 1

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