Alcazar's Suggestions on Working with Your Guides - Part II


Ask Your Guides – Part II 

We are not allowed to simply guess what it is you wish for. So this clarity, this asking for precisely that which you intend is of utmost importance in working with us. Truly, it is given from a perspective on the other side of the veil that we are able to create synchronicity. We are able to arrange things such that they can so easily and effortlessly flow into your life. It is like having a bountiful resource at hand. All you have to do to work with it is ask and then listen. Follow your intuition. The mind may say, “I do not understand this,” but just say, “It's OK. You may understand it later.” As with things that you create following your intuition and then later you say, “Oh, this was perfect. I was in the right place at the right time, and I never could have known it when I was heading there.” And there will also be times when you could not possibly know, but you may have averted some kind of disaster or another by turning left and right. So ask your guides. First it is to ask, and then it is to follow. Follow your feelings. Follow your intuition. Be present in your body. Be present in your body so you can hear the call. Be present in your body, because it is from this place of presence that intuition whispers to you. 

 – Alcazar, in Maui, 2013 – Audio Meditation 11 – 0044  

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