A Message for the New Year - Aligning to a Higher Reality

#channeling #newyear2023 Jan 06, 2023


And so, Beloved Ones, we are with you. As you know, humanity has been going through a traumatic time in the last few years. There has been much fear, much chaos. There have been so many of your old systems of business closing, adapting. There have been so many who have found themselves in difficult situations with their health, with their finances, with their relationships and so on. We have said in the past that your earth and indeed your whole solar system is moving through the universe. Your science will confirm this. You have moved into an area, an energetic in the universe that is supporting what might seem like a breakdown of old systems. It is actually recreating the potential for something new, something higher. This is on a personal level and also on the level of your humanity.


The Opportunity to Align with a Higher Way of Living

All your various separations, the various countries that you allow to continue to exist -- each country will be going through or will be offered, simply by the energy of the universe -- will be offered the opportunity to realign to a higher way of living, existing, functioning. But for you hearing these words, understand that as you move into this New Year, a new vibration to support a realignment of your energetics, of your understanding, of your emotions, and even of your physical body can occur. With your intention you will align yourself to a higher reality relatively easily. The old limitations will become more obvious to you, and the solution or the way to evolve through them and pass them will also be more readily available. It is a time to realign. If you ignore this potential, then the old will become stronger and more difficult. You will find spiraling down rather than spiraling up into a new, more beautiful life situation.


A Taste of the New

Humanity is being asked and supported to evolve. And so, in the New Year experience, we will be offering insight on how to ride the wave of change in your own life experience. And as you ride the wave of change, you will start to have the opportunity to understand how to live in abundance on all levels, which is something that we have been asking you to invite into your life. In this New Year's gathering, we will give you experiences of the new, a taste of the new, so that you can then decide, "This is what I want in my life." Because this is such an important potential for humanity, we are asking that this be livestreamed and shared with this Stargate community around the world. We look forward to bringing this to you.

- Alcazar, Dec. 2022 – Mt Shasta - New Year 2023 Livestream


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