Alcazar Responds to a Question About Fear of Following Superconsciousness

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The Joan of Arc incident troubles me and my viewpoint. She listened to and followed her Superconsciousness and was burned for it. I guess I don't trust my Superconsciousness as I don't know what it wants to learn and I do not wish to suffer more than I have. I am longing to go home into the oneness. Will the Superconsciousness change its agenda for its humanness?


This is a beautiful question. The reason that we appreciate and we ask this question to be read is because you have all lived through traumatic times in past lives. You have all suffered greatly. You have all been killed. You have all killed others. You have lived both sides of this duality. It is important to understand this. You have lived both sides of the duality and you have chosen to move into oneness. There is a difference between choosing the so-called light over the dark. We are not bringing the light. We are bringing oneness. So, this question is saying that Joan of Arc followed her Superconscious self, her guidance, and she got burned for it. I don't want to follow my superconscious if I am going to suffer. Beloved one, you are in different times now. You have evolved. If you had not, you would not be part of this gathering. Your fear is arising in this question. It is understandable and it is important that it is addressed. For many of you are afraid of change, afraid of following your Superconsciousness, your inner guidance. The Superconscious you is wanting your human self to live a more beautiful experience. If you can listen to your inner guidance, you will be taken to that more beautiful place. Joan of Arc followed her guidance and it touched her, the feeling of following the power and the presence that she allowed to come through her.

Yes, the body was burned. Was she in the body at that time? No. She was not. Understand this. She was not. The body perished in the flames. When someone is following their guidance in this way, when it is time to leave the body, you depart. You do not hold on to it. She was not there in the flames, just the body. You are all going to drop your body at some point. And then you will be free again and you will come back again. Because you start to realize what a joy it is to be part of this transition that is happening now on your earth. Beloved, we thank you for your question, but understand. That when you truly follow your inner guidance, amazing things start to happen. And for all of you hearing these words, you do not need to go into physical conflict that have happened in the past. Yes, there are those still functioning on that level. You know it right now in your world. We have mentioned it. But you are not in that level. At that level. You are beyond it. So do not be worried. Trust your intuition. 

- Alcazar, Easter Intensive, 2022 - Mt Shasta - A New Vibration of Love

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