Alcazar's Prescription for Maintaining a High Vibration

channelings Sep 14, 2020

Move the body. Even if you are limited to being at home, move your body. Find something which will move and energize and get the blood circulating fast. Beloved ones, take care of your body. Take care. Raise the vibration.

Talk to us. Feel us with you. If there is a particular master, angel, or guide that you feel strongly connected to, talk to them as well. Bring us all into your daily life. So many of you have extra time. Right now, use it wisely. And yes, it is good to relax. It is good to switch off from what is going on around. It is good to watch the movie every now and again. But do not allow movies, or the news to take over your spare time.

Commit to your self. Commit to loving yourself enough to meditate. Find the meditation that works for you. And repeat it or explore, explore many meditation's. But meditate with the intention of raising your vibration.

- Alcazar, At Home with Prageet & Alcazar, Session 9, 2020


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