Alcazar on Time Management

channelings meditations Sep 14, 2020

For those of you who experience not being able to complete things quickly or efficiently, or if you have many things to do and you're not sure how to complete them -- may we suggest that you pause before you start and create this visualization?

Take a moment to think about all the various tasks that you wish to accomplish in the time frame that you have. See them stacked or rolled up in front of you. And then visualize them being compressed and merged into one. Take that compression and throw it to the universe, and then relax.                      

After a moment's relaxation, with as little thought as possible, start the tasks and let go of the timing. Let go of, "Oh I've only got so much time." Because time is an illusion. It is real in your third dimensional reality. What we are talking of right now is moving beyond time. We are moving into Superconsciousness. Your Superconsciousness, your quantum self exists outside of time. It is possible to fulfill many things when you connect to Superconsciousness.

This image that we gave you is a way of asking, sending a message from your mind to your Superconsciousness. And if you can remain open and in your flow, you will find that synchronicities start to happen. You will find that the words that you need, if you need to create words, simply flow. Assistance will come from sometimes unforeseen directions. So allow for the possibility that you can start to create in a way that is joyful and stress-free. - Alcazar, from Into the Future Series, 2020

Here is the full meditation from Alcazar:




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