Alcazar on the Power of Repetition

And so Beloved Ones, a few more things to share with you. There are many people who have questioned, "Why does Alcazar repeat the same things again and again?" It has to do with the way your brain-mind mechanism works. When you hear something, when you have a thought that is new, instantly within the brain, new neural connections happen. A new pathway is created. And if that thought does not return or that experience does not return, that pathway dissolves back again. It disappears. When you hear something again and again, then that energy flows into that neural pathway and makes it stronger.  

 Connecting New Neural Pathways

As we talk about these things and bring in different aspects, then new neural connections to different parts of your brain-mind mechanism start connecting up. And every time we repeat it, more energy flows through those new neural networks and they get stronger. They connect to different areas. They start relating to past experiences. They start relating to that part of your brain-mind mechanism that projects into the future with a strong intention and actually creates an energetic vibration that moves out into the field.  

 The Quantum Field Responds 

And the Quantum Field responds to you and your vibration of gratitude and starts to create in your physical reality, simply because the energies have been flowing through these neural pathways. And they are creating a stronger and stronger understanding and vibration within you. So, this is why we continue to repeat some of the main points of this process. We will repeat them, so your understanding goes deeper. We will repeat them so that you start to connect to different parts of your brain-mind mechanism. We will repeat them from slightly different angles or perspectives that will strengthen these neural pathways. And as we do so, old belief systems, which are not your truth, slowly, slowly are less empowered. 

 – Alcazar

Becoming Superconscious, March 2021

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