The Stargate's Sedona Workshop

Part of Kryon's Sedona Channeling Retreat 2018

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Coming Home To Lemuria

The Stargate's 5-Day Maui Intensive 2018

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The Mechanics of Creation

The Stargate's September Intensive 2018

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The Essence Of Serenity - 4-Week Online Program

Discover and experience how you can activate, dive into, use and radiate the energy from the Source, The Es...

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Going Deeper Into Youthing

An Exploration Into Cellular and Quantum Youthing

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A New Level Of Understanding

The Stargate's Easter Intensive 2018

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Consciousness and the Beyond Miniseries

A 3-Part Webinar Series with the Stargate and Dr. Raymond Moody

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New Year's 2018 - A New Universe Unfolding

Each meditation takes you deeper into relaxation, your expanded Superconsciousness, and a greater awareness of the va...

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The Awakening of Humanity Webinar

The 2017 Thanksgiving Stargate Intensive exceeded all our expectations.  Alcazar created an environment over the...

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From Surviving to Thriving - Part 2 of The Youthing Program

Break Through to a New Level of Mental and Emotional Vitality

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Growing Young - Part 1 of The Stargate's Youthing Program

Join thousands of people from around the world in what has proven to be an amazingly transformational webinar series!...

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Re-aligning Your Consciousness With Every Cell of Your Body

Discover what quickly became one of the most POWERFUL breakthroughs in the Stargate work, ever! This was a 1-Day Sta...

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