Growing Young - Part 1 of The Stargate's Youthing Program

Join thousands of people from around the world in what has proven to be an amazingly transformational webinar series!

Although this program aired live in March 2017, the Stargate energies are Quantum and are always accessible.

You can still receive the video recordings of all the webinars and downloadable meditation mp3 and zip files, where you will experience the energies as you meditate with them!

'Growing Young' - Part 1 of Alcazar's Youthing Program is available for $147. 

 The Growing Young webinar program is designed to promote rejuvenation of the body on a cellular level.

Specific meditations focus on energizing the telomeres, mitochondria, and stem cells. These energies assist in the reversal of aging, boost energy levels, and restore balance throughout the body. 

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We invite you to hear what Alcazar has to say about this Youthing Webinar. For Alcazar's full channeling - click the button below.

 “Beloved Ones We Greet Thee, ‘tis Alcazar,

As you know, the Stargate work is very much about energetic transformation.  We wish to show you how to apply this to the process that we call ‘Youthing’

We work with you on a cellular level… We will be working on the levels of energizing, strengthening your telomeres, your mitochondria, and working in a unique way with your stem cells.

Right now we wish to say the understanding that each of these little things are conscious - they are conscious beings and if you relate to them in that way they can respond to you.

What do you mean, and what are you trying to achieve with ‘Youthing’?  Is it not simply having the body function as it was designed to function?  And we have said in the past that your bodies are designed to function for hundreds of years, but this is not happening right now on your Earth - with few exceptions.

So, the focus of this phase of the Stargate youthing program is to work energetically with the consciousness of these little beings.  Because when you honor them, when you recognize them, you can start to communicate with them. And in this communication balance can be achieved, health can be achieved, invigorating the body can be achieved.  That is youthfulness.  

So, we are not going to invite you to do all kinds of exercises and diet programs.  We are going to invite you to adjust your concept of what your body is, and we are going to invite you to relax, receive the energies that we will share with you, and then marvel at what is occurring within your body as it starts to function in a totally new way.  

This is Youthing from our perspective.  Would you like to try this?”


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