The Essence of Life - Energy Training

 An Online Webinar Program!

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The focus of this Essence Training is to teach you how to generate a strong, visceral Essence energy field for yourself - anytime, anywhere.

You'll be able to use your own Essence energy for self-healing, self-love, rejuvenation, deep relaxation, and entry into a 'coherent' state of wholeness.

You'll discover that you can radiate Essence of Life energy, and people will feel it! 

“Beloved Ones,

 You are invited to re-claim the Essence of Life within you,

to discover that you can use this Essence of Life, this Source energy, to directly dissolve limitations: that which has been holding you back.  To discover that you can use this Essence to sooth yourself when you are in need of assistance, to heal and bring balance directly from within you.

There is a great truth in the saying that water is the most powerful force.  This Essence is like the water that can wash away cliff faces - this Essence can wash away all that is not truly your own Self.  Then, from this place of refreshment, from this place of Inner balance, peace, knowingness - many of your own gifts - bestowed upon you by your own multi-dimensional nature - can begin to blossom.

This training will be the first step.  We have yet to illuminate the path, or even the next step on this pathway for this one Julieanne.  There must first be an inner blossoming that takes place.  Are you ready for your own Inner Blossoming?”  -Alcazar  

  Essence Energy Training Overview

This Essence Training is a a Self-Paced Program

Because the Essence energy is Quantum, you'll be able to take this training effectively, even though the program is no longer live!


1 - Awaken the Essence of Life Within You

Catalyze the reawakening of your Essence energy.  This is the first step in being able to generate an Essence energy field for yourself.  

Watch as the energy of self-love and self-appreciation opens the doorway for more of your own Essence to flow.


 2 - Cultivate and Direct the Flow of Essence

  Learn how to focus the Essence energy into specific areas of the body, and how to amplify the Essence energy, allowing it to go deeper.  

Create a self-generated Essence 'cocoon' of energy, an aura-shaped bubble in which deep relaxation, self-healing, self-love, a felt-sense of rejuvination and wholeness, and a feeling of connection to your own Beingness - simply occurs.


3 - Dissolve Discordant Thought and Energy Patterns

Receive guidance on how to use the Essence energy and your own awarnesss to simply and easily dissolve limiting physical, mental, emotional, and energetic patterns in the moment when they come to the surface for you.  

Empower yourself to use your Essence of Life energy as a powerful self-healing tool.


Session 4:  Sharing (Radiating) The Essence of Life

Learn a super-simple method for radiating the Essence of Life energy to individuals, and to large groups, whether they are with you in the physical or on the other side of the world.  

Explore with the group and see what happens as we all generate the Essence of Life energy and radiate it to first each other, creating a Quantum, coherent energy field, then to send Essence energy to Gaia, and to humanity.



Receive three guided Essence meditations to boost your daily self-love and feeling of flow, channeled just for those who have completed the Essence Training.

1.) Morning Essence Rejuvination - Start Your Day Vibrant and Centered in Your Beingness

2.) 10-minute Essence Break-From-Your-Day - Dissolve Stress, Return to Self

3.) Evening Essence Meditation - Sleep Soundly in the Energy of The Essence of Life

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Use coupon code LIVELY for a $40 discount

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