An Embrace From The Beyond

A free webinar series to support the Stargate Community!

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Making Space For Deep Gratitude

The New Year's 2020 Stargate Intensive

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Understanding The Vibration of Gratitude

The Stargate's Thanksgiving 2019 Intensive

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Entering The Temple of Truth

The Crete Workshop 2019 Audio Set

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Vibrating With The Energy of Remembrance

Merging With Crystalline Consciousness And The Essence Of Life

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The Development of The Blueprint

The May and July 2019 Stargate Intensives in Mt Shasta

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Meet Your Star Family

Rediscover Your Home In The Universe 

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Growing Into The New Blueprint

Accelerate The Blueprint Energies Within Yourself And Within Your World.

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Blueprint for a New Humanity Livestream

A Global Stargate Gathering In Slovenia Broadcast Live Around The World

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Opening To Universal Love

The Valentine's Day 2019 Stargate Intensive

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Youthing With The Essence Of Life

How the Essence of Life can be directed into your physical form to create an energetic of Youthing, assisting the bod...

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Rediscovering Self-Love

The New Year's 2019 Stargate Intensive

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