For those people who have experienced the Stargate and are drawn to share the Stargate work in the world!

The Stargate's Basics Training

Learn How To Guide Personal Sessions or Lead Groups Using The Stargate Energies

This Training will be held from

July 22nd - 26th, 2020

10am - 5:30pm each day

At The Stargate's Home in Mount Shasta

Training Cost: $1000

Application Required! Please continue down the page to access the application form.


We require an application form for those who are new to the Stargate Facilitator Trainings. 
Participants will be selected from all applicants largely based on our intuition, and your response in the application.

Thank you!  




Click Here To Learn More About The Stargate Basics Training or Read A Shorter Description Below
The Stargate Basics Training is for those currently working with people or considering the possibility of assisting others with the Stargate.
This training is designed to …
  • Develop your skills and confidence in using the Stargate to create a transformative environment
  • Use the Stargate to guide groups or to amplify your own current offerings


We will be guiding you into the experiences:
  • How to activate your Stargate (either physical or etheric), and how to create a strong, high-vibrational energy field
  • How the Stargate energetic can amplify your own abilities
  • How to open your ability to channel
  • Of what the Superconsciousness is and how it can benefit you to bring more of your Superconsciousness into your awareness
  • How to work with both physical and etheric StargatesInstruction and practice in how to invite multi-dimensional beings into the Stargate energy field


  • Activating The Stargate
  • Understand the power and importance of "intention and attention"
  • The importance of connecting to the Earth (Gaia)
  • Receive an explanation of multi-dimensional realities & the global Stargate Grid System
  • Learn about the consciousness of the Stargate and how it creates a quantum energy field
  • Receive a detailed explanation of how the high-vibrational energies of the Stargate raise the vibration of participants to re-awaken the multi-dimensional DNA   


This training will help you to understand how the Stargate works to:
  • Dissolve past limitations & resolve emotional issues
  • Create balance within the body & energy fields
  • Deepen your connection to your intuition
  • Stimulate the awakening of dormant, multi-dimensional DNA to unlock skills and abilities from both past lives & other dimensional aspects of Self
  •  Awaken subtle levels of perception
  • Enhance connectivity to the Innate (Body) Intelligence
  •  Effortlessly enhance awareness


“All spiritual teachers and healers are aware that they are not “doing” the healing. They are simply the vehicle through which Spirit flows.”

- Alcazar

Already A Facilitator & Want A Refresher?

For those people who have already participated in a previous facilitator training you are welcome to join this one for a 50% discount - if there are spaces open.  
For more information, please email us at [email protected]
Stargate Facilitators re-taking the training do not need to apply

More About The Basics Training...

During this seminar we will be creating opportunities to deepen your abilities to both channel information from the beyond & create supportive, quantum energetic fields with your Stargate.


Working With Groups
  • Develop your facilitation skills
  • Ways to structure your events
  • How to introduce the Stargate to newcomers
  • Hear about common experiences of participants and the explanations of why these occur
  • The importance of group feedback in building a cohesive energy field
  • Bringing your own unique creativity, skill-set and life-experience to the Stargate work
  • How to create a topic/focus for your workshops; the balance between pre-planning and allowing it to unfold


Guiding Personal Sessions with the Stargate
  • Understanding how the Stargate can amplify the effectiveness of your sessions
  • Ways to use the Stargate during your sessions
  • What, if anything, do you tell your client?
  • How to frame questions to the guides in order to receive focused responses

              Don’t ask prophetic questions

              Don’t feel like you have to answer every question, don’t be afraid to say, “I don't know”, or, “I’m not getting a response from the guides at the moment”

  • How to structure personal sessions
  • How to personalize meditations based on a client’s intention for the session


Alcazar And The Other Guides
  • Who is Alcazar?
  • Learn about the Alcazar group energies and their focus to assist in the awakening of humanity
  • Possibly discover new guides who are there to assist you with the Stargate work


 Learning To Channel
  • An important part of this training is the connection to channel, as this will allow “fresh” information to come to you
  • We will be showing you Alcazar’s simple technique on how to channel


  • Understanding the many ways intuition can come to you and the importance of trusting your intuition
  • Intuition as the access point for other-dimensional communication
  • How the guides use your knowledge to express through you 


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