Experience the most recent intensives held at the Stargate Home In Mount Shasta!

The Development of The Blueprint

The May and July 2019 Intensive Audio Sets

Experience the evolution of the Blueprint Energetics since their initial grounding in Slovenia 2019

During the May and July Intensives new layers of energetics are added to the Blueprint, new perspectives and potentials from Alcazar and the Guides are shared, and we are given the opportunity to assist in the further grounding of the Blueprint by anchoring these energies into Mount Shasta.
In each of the two audio sets, you will receive the audio recordings of the entire 4-day intensive which includes every meditation and Q&A session.

Because these energies are Quantum Field, beyond time and space, you can potentially experience these intensives as if you are attending the live event!

Accelerating Awakening

“What this acceleration looks like will be individual, unique for each and every one of you” - Alcazar


Throughout the May Stargate Intensive we are guided on a path towards opening up to more abundance on all levels by developing a stronger connection with our Superconsciousness.

We are presented with an opportunity to bring more consciousness into our lives by uncovering and resolving our deepest fear within the supportive energetics of the Stargate and the Guides who join us.

Experience meditations that bring in energies to amplify the Source Energy within, heal the past and the future, bring in a new dimension of The Essence of Life, energies to help propel us forward, and more!


Alcazar's invitation to the May Intensive

"We are inviting you if you feel drawn to join us here.  We are inviting you to be the receptacles of the continuation of this new blueprint information which will then naturally radiate around your world through the Stargate Grid System.  

Many receptive beings are needed for this. The more who are present, the stronger the receptivity, the greater the potential. 

If you hear these words and are feeling drawn to join us, come, be part of the grounding team for this new level of information."

Anchoring The Blueprint Energies 

Into Mount Shasta

“These days are about creating support of the Blueprint to be shared, to be anchored into this energetic of Shasta” - Alcazar

Assist us in bringing new, high vibrational energetics to the Earth!

During the July 2019 Intensive, Alcazar, The Galactic Command, and the Guides take us through a very specific energetic process that culminates in us anchoring the Blueprint energies into Mount Shasta. 

Throughout the intensive, also receive Alcazar's insights on topics such as: the construct of this reality and the flexibility of time, forgiveness as a first step toward resolving an issue, suggestions on what we can do when loved ones pass on, relating to the physical body in a new way, and much more! 

Alcazar Shares About The Process of Anchoring The Blueprint Energies Into Mt. Shasta

"There are doorways opening, not just within you. You are feeling also the preparations that have been occurring in Gaia, in the mountain, in this portal in your Ascension Rock, so there are openings that are occurring.

And as we have said, when we bring this download of the Blueprint energies, these high vibrational energies will be deposited and grounded, held within your Mount Shasta...

Know it well Beloveds, there has been much energy and information that has been waiting to reach you that you are assisting to bring to your Earth, see if you resonate with that truth in your heart.

We love thee and we bless thee, we honor you and we invite you to continue to grow and explore in this vast reality with us. For we are all one.”

The Development of the Blueprint

Receive the May and July 2019 Intensives' audio sets!


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“That which you came for what seems like eons ago is now about to bear fruit.

- Alcazar


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