An Exploration Into Cellular and Quantum Youthing

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What Is The Youthing Program?

The youthing webinar program is designed to promote rejuvenation of the body on a cellular level.
The main focus is to work energetically with the innate intelligence of the body. Because when you honor your body and recognize that the consciousness is anchored in every single cell of your body, you can start to communicate with the body, with your organs, with your cells, mitochondria, telomeres, stem cells... And in this communication balance can be achieved, health can be achieved, invigorating the body can be achieved. That is youthfulness.  
These energies assist in the reversal of aging, boosting energy levels, and restoring balance throughout the body. 

Going Deeper Into Youthing

An Online Program

We were really amazed at the intensity and effectiveness of the Youthing program 1  (Growing Young) and Youthing program 2 (From Surviving to Thriving) released in 2017.  The responses that we got from participants demonstrated both Youthing and physical healing.
Since then we were encouraged to bring another level of support to those who had already participated in both of the Youthing programs. 
This we did with the 'Going Deeper Into Youthing' program.

DAY 1 - Youthing on a cellular level

The focus of day one is working at a cellular level, energizing telomeres, mitochondria and stem cells. These energetic transmissions are designed to interact with every cell of your body.
Alcazar also stresses the importance of loving life and appreciating the many small gifts that happen every day, as these create a receptivity on the physical as well as the emotional body.

Meditation 1

Revisiting cellular youthing

Meditation 2

Replenishing your stem cells

Meditation 3

Energizing the water in your body


DAY 2 - Adventuring Into Quantum Realities

In day 2 we are moving beyond the boundary of the mind - into the unknown.
As we deepen our understanding of the Quantum field, realizations begin to occur.  We can assist the youthing of our bodies with the understanding of this greater reality.
Leading-edge science is finally catching up with ancient spiritual knowledge, allowing a clear understanding for the layman of the physics of the Quantum realm.  Alcazar takes this understanding a little further, into an experiential process!

Meditation 1

Amplifying The Body's Biophotonic Light

Meditation 2

The Quantum Aspect Of Youthing

LISTEN to Alcazar's Channeling

An invitation from Alcazar to bring your youthing to a whole new level.

Beloved Ones, We Greet Thee, Tis Alcazar


For about a year now, thousands of people around your world have participated in the Youthing programs that we have created with you. It has been a joy to see the transformation that has occurred for many people.
We would like to encourage those who have experienced this program - and then felt as if it was completed - to understand that these Youthing meditations need to be repeated regularly in order to receive the full benefit. As an appreciation and an encouragement to those who have persisted, we were persuaded and enjoyed creating this short webinar program which has been called Going Deeper Into Youthing.
Our intention was to reconnect you to that which you have already experienced and to move you into a deeper level of understanding, but also a deeper level of working with your mitochondria, your stem cells, and your telomeres. In this way it is possible for you to bring your youthing to a whole new level. We bring understanding of the communication that occurs between your Superconsciousness and the physical body, the light communication that happens from the Quantum Field into the physical body, energizing the very center of every single cell, energizing with this blue-white energetic, bioluminescent light, intercellular communication.
Beloved Ones, we invite you also to move and to see self in the future in a meditation to assist you recognizing the potential that you are creating and allowing that future self to guide you in the present moment. And so, if you are feeling a desire to totally transform the physical body, and in doing so transforming the way you feel about yourself, then we would invite you to join the hundreds who have already participated in this Going Deeper Into Youthing program. We look forward to seeing a new you.
- Alcazar

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In this 2-day online program you will receive:

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