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Want to transform your consciousness, align your whole being and activate your ascension templates?

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Join our livestream gathering, ask us anything about ascension, and prepare for Accelerated Ascension

Join us on May 24th at noon PST / 9pm CEST, as The Stargate Experience and Ascension One bring you:

 Aligning for Ascension, a livestreamed event to prepare your mind, body and spirit for Accelerated Ascension Glastonbury

  • Meet your hosts Asil, Prageet and Julieanne as they open their channels and share their guides 
  • Learn about Ascension Templates and why they are being activated now
  • Hear participants share  experiences of Accelerated Ascension
  • Ask us anything about accelerated ascension!
  • Join the collective energy field  with others committed to personal and planetary evolution 
  • Discover the energies and community you have longed for your whole life
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Join the livestream to align your mind, body and spirit for Accelerated Ascension - Glastonbury. Ask us anything about ascension and discover how you can participate!

 Free Alignment Meditations for Ascension

Enjoy three powerful "Alignment Meditations" that contain an energetic transmission from the guides that are meant to help you prepare on your own in the days leading up to the event. They are yours for free and you may share them freely.

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These recordings are each invitations for you to build your energetic foundations for your Physical, Mental, Emotional and Energetic-Spiritual bodies in preparation for Accelerated Ascension: Glastonbury. 

We recommend doing these meditations as often as you like to help build your connection, and ultimately, enhance your experience.

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About Accelerated Ascension

Co-create the collective ascension field to accelerate the awakening of humanity

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During the first Accelerated Ascension event in Costa Rica last year, the guides revealed humans have innate “Ascension Templates” which have laid dormant for thousands of years. These templates are now being reactivated with the assistance of higher dimensional beings during this time of transformation to enable human beings to access higher planes of consciousness and to assist in the awakening process.

"Accelerated Ascension means bringing the totality of who you truly are here to the planet earth. Beloved ones, this ascension process is quite literally the infusion of who you truly are, your Spirit, into your humanness. And this is the greatest empowerment you can know.” - Alcazar, The Stargate's Guide

The Stargate Experience, led by Prageet and Julieanne has been a force for awakening for over 30 years.  The Stargate is a sacred geometric structure that catalyzes multidimensional energy experiences as participants simply relax into high vibrational, conscious energy fields.

Ascension One, guided by Asil Toksal, is dedicated to the evolution and transformation of the energetic infrastructure of Earth, and the spiritual growth of individuals through transformational programs.

Julieanne and Prageet of The Stargate Experience are internationally known channels who work with their guide Alcazar and the Stargate to guide channeled energy experiences that enable participants to enter into meditative, expanded states of consciousness effortlessly.

They will be joining Asil, an Austrian-born channel and healer. His work includes group energy healing sessions and the channeling of celestial and angelic guides, as well as working on the energetic alignment of sacred sites and earth energies.

Together, they will be broadcasting a live energy transmission from Glastonbury for this year's Accelerated Ascension workshop, June 7-9, 2022.