Want to transform your consciousness, align your whole being and activate your ascension templates?

 Join our energy livestream and embark on this collective journey of ascension

Accelerate My Ascension!

A revolutionary 3-day personal transformation journey

With The Stargate Experience & Ascension One


June 7th, 8th & 9th

10am - 4pm GMT (streamed live from Glastonbury)

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Why Glastonbury?

Press play for a channelled message, directly from the guides.


It’s time to discover your intrinsic abilities to evolve.

We invite you to join Accelerated Ascension, a three-day intensive livestream event to transform your consciousness and activate your ascension templates.

This awe-inspiring experience is hosted by world renowned channels, Asil Toksal of Ascension One, and Prageet Harris and Julieanne Conard of the Stargate Experience. 

Over the three days, you will be guided alongside thousands of individuals joining digitally and energetically from around the world to connect to the higher frequencies delivered by the channelings as we expand our consciousness and receive transformational energies, personal alignments and supportive wisdom. 

Together in collaboration with one another and the sacred geometric structure known as the Stargate, Asil, Prageet, and Julieanne’s channeled energies become amplified and reach everyone attending and intending to receive, wherever they are, as these energies transcend space and time. 

Broadcasting live from the enchanted land of Glastonbury, the delivery of these transmissions are sure to be enhanced and enriched with its essence, as the guides make energetic adjustments to assist you in accessing your dormant abilities, gifts, and highest potential.

In the sessions, you can expect to experience:
  • Deep relaxation 
  • Heightened awareness 
  • Emotional release
  • Clarity of vision 
  • Inner-knowing
  • Realizations  
  • Spontaneous healing 
  • Deeper connection to the Earth and to higher planes of existence
  • Internal and external alignment

Just by participating and setting the intention to receive, these transmissions raise your vibrational frequency, connect you with higher consciousness, and activate your ascension templates.

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Activate Your Ascension Templates

During the first Accelerated Ascension event in Costa Rica last year, the guides revealed humans have innate “Ascension Templates” which have laid dormant for thousands of years. These templates are now being reactivated with the assistance of higher dimensional beings during this time of transformation to enable human beings to access higher planes of consciousness and to assist in the awakening process.


You may feel called and are resonating to be a part of this work if…


  • You’ve always felt there is more within your being waiting to be activated
  • You recognize the greater transformational potential of this time
  • You notice that you and your relationships are changing dramatically
  • You have felt that your perception of reality is expanding and you would like to strengthen a new perspective
  • You have noticed the strong waves of change and want to establish a stronger core within your being
  • As a result of your inner work you want to be a strong positive presence in your relationships and within humanity

Join us as we come together from around the world to focus our energies and intentions on rapid personal acceleration!

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Collaborations between Ascension One and Stargate have elicited incredible feedback over the years. From novice meditators to advanced practitioners, people have shared undeniable and truly transformational experiences...


"Coming back to these transmissions was incredibly powerful for me. I am still vibrating and I felt so open and receptive! It is in deep gratitude that I say thank you bring me more alignment and receptivity to these amazing transmissions."


"Beautiful energy, I can feel more of a connection inside and with the field. Every meditation with you all is truly transforming. Thank you."


"Immense gratitude to the Stargate family! I can feel my heart so much bigger and filled with loving wisdom from my higher consciousness, and the alignment to a more clear mindset. Thank you so much Asil, Praget and Julieanne!”


"This experience was intense for me, I felt deeply and intensely connected, strongly experiencing the energies... also seeing adjustments happening in my minds eye, intense pressure around my third eye... 

Thank you Julienne,  Prageet and Asil and thank you Elohim and Alcazar please bring me more..... I love you.”

Experience a taste of last year’s Accelerated Ascension in Costa Rica. Even watching replays can have profound effects. View here.



Q&A with Prageet, Julieanne and Asil

Q1: What happend at last year's Accelerated Ascension experience in Costa Rica?
Q2: Who are Asil, Prageet and Julieanne, and what is this work about?
Q3: Can you define the term "Ascension"? What does it mean?
Q4: Why is now such an important time for us to gather and raise collective consciousness?
Q5: When is the Accelerated Ascension 2022 program going to happen?
Answer: June 7-9, 2022 live streamed from Glastonbury

There is still time to sign up for the livestream AND you can prepare yourself for the experience by watching three free meditations we’ve put together for you that focus respectively on mind, body, and spirit.

Interested in watching the full video about Accelerated Ascension Glastonbury? - Click here

Connect To The Mystical Isle of Avalon

Glastonbury, the mystic isle of Avalon, is truly an enchanted place and is where we will broadcast these energies from.

A sacred site since time immemorial, it's mostly known for one of the most famous legends of the Middle Ages: the story of King Arthur.

Glastonbury is a power place of potent transformational energies and will undoubtedly provide for a remarkable experience, even for those tuning in from afar.

Note: This event will also be held in person in Glastonbury! Click the button below to register for a limited spot.

Join us in person in Glastonbury!



Accelerated Ascension: Glastonbury


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We Will Livestream To You From Glastonbury June 7-9! Join Us In the Collective Energy Field