Merging With Crystalline Consciousness And The Essence Of Life

A Previously Recorded Experience

Guided By Julieanne Conard and Ann-Sofie Andersson

This is an opportunity to step further, closer, deeper into your Being-ness...

"We have said to you that the Blueprint for the New Humanity would enable you to bring forth skills and abilities that have not been possible until this vibratory level of humanity.  We invite you to step into more of the fullness of your power, the fullness of your remembrance and the love of that which you truly are: 
your Superconsciousness." - Alcazar

Access New Levels of Consciousness


  •  Ann-Sofie has a deep connection to the Crystalline Consciousness of the Earth.  Her ability to share these energies will connect you to them.  This will enable the potential of connecting you with your ancient memories.
  •  Julieanne has been continually guided by Alcazar, bringing forth deeper and deeper vibrations of The Essence of Life.  These new frequencies will be shared with you, touching you with deep silence,  presence, and expansiveness.
  • The magic is, that as you merge these two energies within your field, your connection to your Superconsciousness becomes clearer, more accessible.


“The merging of these energetics, the Crystalline Consciousness and the Essence of Life is a doorway, but it is just the doorway.

Where you will go is up to you, and so throughout these days we invite you to be open to your experience because for each and every one of you there is a potential.” 

- Alcazar

In This Audio Set You Will Receive:


  • Audio recordings of the entire 2-day workshop recorded live in The Netherlands 2019

  • A unique guided exercise designed to assist you in becoming more open to giving and receiving love

  • A total of 10 meditations within which you can experience the merging of the Essence of Life and the Crystalline Consciousness, the opening of your subtle awareness, connecting up to the many facets of your Beingness, and receive energies from another universe!

  • Lifetime access to the workshop audios!

Vibrating With The Energy of Remembrance

Experience The Transmissions of This Magical Weekend!

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About Julieanne and Ann-Sofie


Julieanne joined The Stargate Experience in 2012 after discovering a profound connection to the Stargate & the guide Alcazar, whom she channels. Originally intending to study alternative medicine, Julieanne is now dedicated to the pursuit of personal transformation and rapid self-healing through the high-vibrational frequencies of The Stargate Experience. With the guidance of Alcazar, Julieanne has developed a new form of energetic self-healing known as The Essence of Life, which she teaches around the world. 


The Stargate spoke to me the very first time I came in contact with it, in the early 90’s. I feel very connected to Alcazar, to the Stargate structure and the benevolent energies that work through it. The profound beauty of this work, for me, is how soft and lovingly transformation can occur. By just allowing the body and mind to relax, and being vibrated into deep Universal love in that space we can re-remember the vastness of ourselves. As the Stargate structure holds a frequency where it’s easy to tap into the Quantum field, it invites us to connect with all the potency that lies there. ‚Äč

What People Are Saying About This Experience... 

"Thank you Julieanne and Ann-Sofie for this beautiful time together and the deep and magical experiences I felt through your words and energies. What a magnificent team you are!"


"Thank you so much it was such a beautiful, beyond words, experience. Still vibrating too."


"What a lovely and amazing bliss-filled experience! Thank you for an amazing weekend."


"It was A M A Z I N G. Thank you, bring me more. Your energy and that from Ann-Sofie was so beautiful and strong. I enjoyed every moment of these strong beautiful energies that were building up step by step...Thank you for this amazing work."


"It was a truly extraordinary experience! I went to a place where time stopped: all was in suspension, frozen and I became the vastness of me. After the meditation, when it was time to come back to the room, I was there suspended in time and then I could feel my body, and the chairs, and the floor, and the woman in front of me and in a blink of an eye I switched back to the state with no time. And I did it again, now in the room and 'click' now in suspension! And again. And again! It was like performing a magic trick! I was utterly in awe with the experience!"


"You're being invited into the mystery of who you truly are. 

Step in to this knowingness, remember who you truly are, and be free."


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