Transmissions of Oneness

An Opportunity to Uplift Humanity





The Stargate's Thanksgiving 2021 Intensive Audio Set

“There is something very special about this energy of Oneness, because it draws into itself the chaos that surrounds it and starts to transform the chaos into the Oneness.

And so Beloveds, this is what we will be doing, intending to create a field of Oneness intentionally in the field, which will then manifest itself in the physical as an energetic in the morphic field of humanity."


- Alcazar, The Stargate's Guide



An Opportunity to Uplift Humanity 


  In this intensive, Alcazar invites us into deeper understandings and experiences of the quantum nature of Existence - how we are powerful creators, not only of our own lives, but that we can affect the trajectory humanity.

  We are all ripples in the field, and by bringing our intention together, we can bring a powerful wave of uplifting energies into the human morphic field. In this intensive we are invited to accelerate the potential of humanity moving into Oneness, and that is exactly what we do!


Would You Like to Join Us in Bringing Energies of Oneness to the Earth?

Day One

Alcazar begins by inviting us to take part in creating a field together these days, a field that we will send out around the world, with the intention to uplift humanity. The Galactic Command assist us in creating a unified energy field, and Alcazar guides us into the Quantum, inviting us into a deeper understanding of our Quantum Beingness.

"This is a very special time on your Earth. A challenging time, indeed, but also very special. It is possible for you, as you gather here for these days together, it is possible for you to influence the energetics of the human morphic field."

Day Two

The Galactic Command bring a transmission to move us into a deeper experience of the frequencies of Oneness. The Guides assist us in receiving these energies and guide us in a process of radiating this field of Oneness around the world. The next meditation is a beautiful process of moving into experiencing Oneness with the Quantum Field.

"The energies that we will be guiding you through these days, to bring Oneness into the morphic field of humanity, will start to create an uplifting of the morphic field, which will start to make it easier for many to start to embrace love and compassion, hope for the new, connecting in their own ways to spirituality.”

Day Three

We begin this day by relaxing into a very gentle energy field, and receiving a showering of Source energies to support us coming into deeply relaxed presence. In the next meditation, the Galactic Command bring a series of energies to us and our inner children, for deep peace, nourishment, and support for the new. The fairy realm bring their energies of magic and mystery. In the final meditation of this day, our future self merges with our humanness, and we are guided into a new point of consciousness in the Quantum Field.

“Beloved Ones, you can change your world. The beautiful thing is, the more that you change your own personal reality by freeing yourself of limiting beliefs and actions, the more you free yourself, the greater your ability to change the world, to change humanity simply with your presence and your intention."

Day Four

We begin this day with transmissions of Oneness, by first building a very powerful energy field together, and then the Guides assist us in radiating energies of love, compassion, insight, wisdom, understanding, Oneness to Earth. Next, our Superconsciousness sends our human self a selection of energies that will most benefit us in our process of change. In the final meditation of this intensive, Alcazar offers insight for how we can continue riding this wave of change, and then we radiate the energies of Oneness into the morphic field of humanity once more.

You are in the process of guiding humanity into the Oneness. This is not something that will happen rapidly, but it is happening. Understand that your energy can be a great contribution. Your meditations, when you do them, can be a great contribution. For, as you raise your vibration, you are bringing just a little bit more higher vibration into the field, the morphic field of humanity. Understand you make a difference.”

Experience the Direct Wisdom of Alcazar 

In each Stargate intensive, space is provided for participants to ask questions and receive personal guidance from Alcazar. Alcazar often says that sharing is just as important as meditations, because they provide guides with feedback on how we, our human selves, perceive energies. It is also a time when the release of the old patterns can happen very quickly which then opens the space for the Guides to bring the next level of energies to the group.

Here are some of the topics Alcazar shares his wisdom on in this intensive:

  • Moving from fear into empowerment
  •  Understanding duality and the significance of both polarities
  • How to connect with your inner child and resolve past traumas
  • The purpose and meaning of suffering as a means to grow
  • Understanding how to become more conscious of the creation process
  • How we can flow more gracefully with life's ups and downs
  • The nature of physical imbalances and the support for returning to alignment
  • The most important thing you can do to help uplift humanity 
  • And more!

With this audio set, you will receive :

  • A unique progression of Stargate energy meditations and channelings

  • Access to all of the question and answer sessions where Alcazar works with participants one on one

  • Moving into deeper experiences of the Quantum Field and your Quantum Beingness

  • The opportunity to assist in accelerating the potential for humanity living in Oneness on Earth

 Transmissions of Oneness

The Stargate's Thanksgiving 2021 Intensive Audio Set

It is our intention to share this wisdom with the world. To make these experiences accessible to all, we are offering this program with the option to select how much you wish to contribute. Regardless of your contribution, you will still receive the same Stargate program as everyone else.

Please contribute at the level you are capable of in order to support us in sharing this work!


One Time Payment

Audio set includes:

  • 5 unique Alcazar channelings
  • 10 new Stargate energy meditations
  • access to all of the question and answer sessions
  • lifetime access to this series
Start your journey!


One Time Payment

Audio set includes:

  • 5 unique Alcazar channelings
  • 10 new Stargate energy meditations
  • access to all of the question and answer sessions
  • lifetime access to this series
Start your journey!

You are the field. You are part of the Oneness. You are Spirit enjoying itself. And slowly, slowly, very slowly, you are moving back into the Oneness, bringing the rest of humanity with you. It is time for this Earth to evolve, and you are those who are guiding humanity into the next level of existence here on your Earth. How soon this happens is up to you, and to the rest of humanity."