The Awakening of Humanity


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Experience a Quantum Shift in the Stargate Work


The 2017 Thanksgiving Stargate Intensive exceeded all our expectations.  Alcazar created an environment over the 4 days where we were constantly living in the Quantum field, a place where there is no time.

Alcazar then told us there would be THOUSANDS participating in the energy work that was built up incrementally over the 4 days.  You are invited to be one of the participants in this Quantum field activation...

Support the Awakening of Humanity


The focused energy meditations built up a complex energetic structure which involved the Beings from the Inner Earth City of Telos, the Galactic Command, the Masters of Lemuria and many other higher-dimensional Beings.

The outcome of which involved radiating a vast column of energy out into the Universe - a statement to say, "Humanity is awakening, and ready for the next level of an influx of support from the higher dimensions."

Know the Vastness of Your Superconsciousness


The higher frequency and vast array of energies that were present for this Intensive held us all in a deep connection with the Quantum field and our individual Superconsciousness.  Alcazar has said many times that humanity cannot evolve much further using the mind alone - it is time to connect to your Superconsciousness.  This will be EXPERIENCED in a tangible way during this webinar.

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“This has been, by far, the most profound experience of love and unity of my life!”


Sarah, Thanksgiving Stargate Intensive Participant

“I experienced an expansive connection to the Quantum Field, a deeper understanding of self purpose and my value to the evolution of consciousness and a deep sense of internal joy.”


Jeanette, Thanksgiving Stargate Intensive Participant

 The Awakening of Humanity

A 4 Day Webinar Series...

This series builds up the energy from Day 1, culminating in an exceptionally powerful global meditation on Day 4...

...Which then radiates energy and information out into the Universe

Experience BEING IN THE QUANTUM FIELD during this series

*Due to the Quantum nature of this experience The Awakening of Humanity webinar series will be just as powerful if you participate with the replay rather than live...

Be Part of the Next Phase of Awakening

“You are inviting those who know inside that they are here for a purpose.  This is the first step in defining the transformation of your Earth and humanity.  Those who participate in this event will find a clarity, will find a deeper understanding of their piece of the puzzle - that which they are here to share and to accomplish.  And so we invite them… And, they already know that they are a part of this.”


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