The Superconscious Inner Child

Your Gateway to Expanded Reality  

"Are you ready to step through this gateway and discover a new you?"


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We Invite You To Join Us For This 4 Week Experience! 

Meet your Inner Child and discover how he / she can be your inner guide, healer, creator and your gateway to Expanded Reality. 


"There are many types of inner child work and yet nothing compares to the Stargate inner child work, which operates in the Quantum Field.

And so we invite you to join us in this inner exploration. For our technique has been demonstrated to assist thousands of people in becoming more free, more creative, more abundant in their lives."

- Alcazar, The Stargate Guide



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A Four Week Series

The New Depths & Heights of the Stargate Inner Child Work 


Alcazar will share a deeper understanding of the Superconscious Inner Child. 

Each weekend, the guided meditations will build energy fields to allow the teaching to go beyond the mind into a deep, transformational experience.  

Each Sunday Alcazar will work with the Inner Child of volunteers, creating an energetic template that you can also integrate as he describes and demonstrates the simplicity of deepening the relationship with your Inner Child.


"Areas that you have not even considered can open up to you, if you choose to delve deeply into the connection with your inner child. "


The Inner Guide


The Inner Healer


"The inner child work is not something that you do once and then tick the box saying I have done this. The inner child work is about establishing a loving relationship with your younger self. We call your inner child your inner guide. For your inner child is very aware of the struggles that you went through in your earlier life, and your inner child will show you what is the most appropriate issue to work with each time that you connect with him or her. 

Many of you have participated in this work with us in the past, but in this series we are going to introduce you to a far deeper aspect of your inner child, and that is the aspect of the inner child who is connected to their Superconsciousness. At such a young age the connection is very strong, far stronger than most of you hold as an adult. And so, the wisdom of your Superconsciousness can come through the inner child, and you will find as you proceed working with her or him that the inner child starts to assist you, the adult, in understanding. 

And so, your inner child will guide you step by step, issue by issue, creating more freedom in your life, more understanding, and very soon the relationship with you and the little one will become so tangible that you will notice the inner child communicating with you as you go about your daily life. And so, this is where we will start."





"Your inner child is also your inner healer. They know what they have lived through. They know what needs to be resolved. They know what has been painful emotionally, physically, mentally for them in the past. And so, when we work with the inner child using the Stargate energies, you the adult, does not decide what area to focus on, the inner child brings that area to you. 

The inner child comes to you at the appropriate age where a certain situation caused difficulty, and ultimately, a shutting down, a limitation, a subconscious program. Your inner child will take you step by step. Which issue is most important will come first and then they will take you to the next one, and the next one, and so on. 

The magic about this particular inner child course is that we will be introducing you to the Superconscious aspect of your inner child, and this Superconscious aspect is the one who is guiding the process. With each understanding and release there is a healing on some level, be it physical, which can happen, mental, emotional and even spiritual healings. 

What is a healing? A healing is simply allowing energies to flow in the way they wish to flow rather than being either limited, or diverted, or simply cut off. There are many energies within you that are available, but cut off or severely limited right now. So allow your inner healer, your inner child, to assist you in your adult life. Becoming more vibrant, more energized, more creative, more joyful, more loving, and we could go on and on with these descriptions. Allow your inner child to create a healing for the adult."


The Inner Creator


The Inner Gateway


"In this program we will be introducing you to the inner creator, and this is where we get into the magic; where we move, delve deeper into an understanding of the Superconscious aspect of your inner child. For your Superconscious Self, acting through the inner child was actually taking care of the child as you moved through your early years. The human aspect lived through difficult situations, and your Superconscious aspect of the inner child said, 'set this difficult situation aside, you are not, you do not have the ability to deal with this right now. You will deal with it later in life’. 

Understand that the Superconscious aspect of the child is fully aware, fully connected to Spirit, fully understands the human process, and so guides the little one through the challenges of life saying again and again, 'this situation you are not capable of dealing with right now, set it aside’. So what does this mean on a physical human level, setting it aside? It means pushing into your subconscious a program which says, 'avoid this until you are ready to deal with it'. And so, your subconscious has many programs which are protecting you, helping you avoid triggering certain situations in your life until you have the ability, the knowledge, the wisdom to deal with it. 

Your Superconscious has been guiding your inner child; has been protecting, in a way, your inner child from life situations that she or he cannot deal with. But now, Beloveds, now is the time to return. Now is the time to allow your Superconscious inner child to show you these issues, these situations, and in doing so, healing occurs. 

This is the process because as you start to resolve these issues, more life force flows through you, and healing happens on all levels, and it begins to connect you to more and more flow in your adult life. More and more flow from your Superconsciousness. This is when life starts to get exhilarating."

"And so now, Beloveds, you start to realize that your inner child is actually a wonderful guide to your adult. As you have worked with your inner child for many evolutionary steps in your own lives, you will find that the guidance that comes from the inner child gets clearer, more powerful, more supportive. 

For, as you start to release the limitations of the past, your energetic starts to vibrate on a totally new level. You start to access abilities that perhaps you have not even envisioned. For, you start to connect to the wisdom that you have carried from past lives. You start to allow the inner senses to operate, and you will find that your inner child already knows these things. Your inner child will be showing you how to gain access to the magic, the brilliance of who you truly are. 

You are experiencing such a small part of life, such a small part of reality. How would it be for you if you could see the guides that are available to you? How would it be if you could simply chat with them in a way that you chat with a friend? How would it be for you if you remembered that you had been a healer in past lives and those energies returned to you? Your inner child can show you these things, can start to assist you. Your inner child becomes the inner teacher. 

Your inner child is a gateway to the vastness of who you can become. It takes trust. The little one needs to trust you. The little one needs to feel your love, your care, your compassion, your understanding. And this will allow the human aspect of your inner child to bring forth, in amazing ways, the Superconscious aspect of your inner child, this inner guide. It is a gateway to knowing Self on many, many levels. Areas that you have not even considered can open up to you, if you choose to delve deeply into the connection with your inner child. 

This is an invitation. This is Alcazar, the Stargate, Spirit saying to you, 'are you ready to step through this gateway and discover a new you?' "

Join Us For This Inner Exploration!

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Price For This 4 Week Series


One Time Payment

  • Video Replays
  • Audio mp3 sets
  • Lifetime access to these recordings

Price For This 4 Week Series


One Time Payment

  • Video Replays
  • Audio mp3 sets
  • Lifetime access to these recordings

What people have shared about their experiences with the Stargate Inner Child work


"By chance I found the inner child webinar…

It was unbelievable!  I've tried to find my inner child before but it’s always felt a bit contrived and forced if I were to be honest and the results in the end not very convincing... This was from another world!!"


I have done Inner Child work from a psychological perspective, but not like this.

I was able to access many times at various ages when my Inner Child felt unworthy of the attention she deserved...  I held her, I heard her, I comforted her, and assured her that she is so worthy of love and attention.


Thank you so much for this beautiful program.

I have been trying to work on my inner child with different therapies and with different approaches, but never felt the connection and the power I felt with this one.. Totally connected with my inner child, higher self, and my guides.

"There is so much to share, there is so much to understand, and there is so much potential for each and every one of you to step through a gateway into a whole new level of experiencing being human."