The Rejuvenation Retreat

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A Weeklong Stargate Experience



Audios Recorded Live in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - October 2021


Relax  •  Renew  •  Realign


"The focus of these times together are about rejuvenation and well-being.

It is time, Beloved Ones, to renew yourselves. It is time to allow the physical body, your mental body, your emotional body and your spiritual bodies, to realign to the greater you." 

- Alcazar, The Stargate's Guide


See the Experiences that Await within this 7-Day Retreat:

Day 1

Setting the Field

Together we create a foundational field for which the energies of the coming days will build upon. Alcazar shares that while these days will be about deep rejuvenation for Self, we will also be radiating uplifting energetics throughout our world.

Day 2

Realignment & Upliftment

The day begins with transmissions to assist in a gentle alignment of our energies and to support us in opening our receptivity. We then receive uplifting energies from the Guides and radiate these energies into the world with the intention of helping the new children maintain their high vibrations.

Day 3


The Galactic Command bring a series of energies to create balance and harmony in each and every cell, and then to assist us in aligning more fully with our higher dimensional DNA. The next two meditations of the day are focused toward bringing more love and compassion into our fields.

Day 4

Love for Your Journey

Alcazar shares the Guides' perspective of our human journey, inviting us to embrace all aspects of our lives and of ourselves. The magical realms bring their support and we receive a transmission of love and total acceptance from the four sisters of Cassiopeia.

Day 5

Energizing the Chakras

Over two meditations, the Galactic Command bring energies to nourish and energize each chakra, and to realign our chakras with our central column. Once this process is complete, the whales and dolphins come to assist  with our bodies coming into a new level of balance. An Essence of Life energy transmission is offered, flowing through the central column and each chakra.

Day 6

Expanding Perspectives

Alcazar shares much on how our perspective is formed through our life experiences, and how limiting patterns are both created and resolved. Transmissions are shared to energize our intentions, and beings from a higher dimensional light city bring crystalline frequencies to support us in awareness and clarity. In the final meditation of the day, the magical realms bring their presence and their support for us to open more to the magic of existence.

Day 7

Rejuvenation On All Levels

We are guided into a space of deep gratitude, Alcazar sharing how gratitude is a powerful creative force for us to draw upon. The Galactic Command assist us in dissolving our resistance to the new, and offer a transmission to support a rejuvenation on all levels. In the final meditation, we create an energetic mandala and send love to the children around our world, a rejuvenating energy now available for all to draw upon.

“Rejuvenation is not just a body phenomena, rejuvenation means having a desire for life, a deep inspiration for what you wish to create in your life. This is rejuvenation, it is the gas that powers your trajectory, what you create, how you create it, how you move in the world.”

Experience the Direct Wisdom of Alcazar

   In each Stargate workshop, space is made available for participants to ask questions and receive one-on-one guidance from Alcazar. Alcazar often says that the shares are just as important as the meditations because it provides the guides with feedback on how we, our human selves, are perceiving the energies. It also is a time where the release of old patterns can happen very quickly, which then opens up the space for the Guides to bring in the next level of energies to the group.

Here are some of the topics that Alcazar shares his wisdom on in this retreat:

  • The root causes of physical imbalances and support for returning to alignment
  • Understanding the nature of mind and how it can be an ally in your evolution
  • Practices for becoming more aware of your personal energy field and how to maintain a high vibration in different environments
  • What community really means and its importance in the evolution of humanity
  • Insight into the process of death and transitioning back into Oneness
  • How to connect with your inner child and resolve past traumas 
  • Alcazar's perspective on marriage and relationships
  • Further explanations on how we create our realities, and how to become more conscious of the creation process
  • And much more!

 The Rejuvenation Retreat Audio Set

Recorded Live in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - October 2021

It is our intention to share this wisdom with the world. In order to make these experiences accessible to everyone, we are are offering this program with the option of selecting how much you wish to contribute.  No matter your contribution, you'll still receive the same Stargate program as everyone else. 

We trust that you will honor the mission of the Stargate and contribute at the level you can afford.


One Time Payment

Audio set includes:

  • 8 Unique Alcazar Channelings
  • 17 New Stargate Energy Meditations
  • Access to all the Q&A sessions
  • Lifetime Access to this Series
Start Your Journey!


One Time Payment

Audio set includes:

  • 8 Unique Alcazar Channelings
  • 17 New Stargate Energy Meditations
  • Access to all the Q&A sessions
  • Lifetime Access to this Series
Start Your Journey!

 “You are the merging of heaven and earth, spirit and matter, consciousness and physicality. You are far more than you know right now, and Beloved Ones, it is time to know. It is time to know your true self, because with knowing, your realities expand into the vastness of all that is and you begin the next stage of your journey home.”