Join Us Live in Mount Shasta! 


The Thanksgiving 2021

Stargate Intensive



A Four-Day Intensive at the Stargate Home


November 25th - 28th, 2021

10am - 4:30pm Each Day

"As many of you know, the intensives in your Mount Shasta are unique.  They are opening doorways again and again as you gather, and your receptivity in this Mount Shasta area allows new information and experiencing, new teachings and understandings to come into your reality to be shared around your world.

- Alcazar



Preparing For Transformation

What to expect over these four days

    For those of you who are joining us for the first time at a Stargate Intensive in Mount Shasta, we would like to give you an overview of the process that occurs over these days.
There are many guided meditations from Alcazar.  These are usually followed by participants sharing their experiences in the meditation, and also asking personal questions that Alcazar responds to.  
The intention with these conversations with Alcazar over an individual's situation/question is to get to the root of the limitation that the person is experiencing.  This can involve deep self-inquiry that Alcazar can support in a beautiful and sometimes challenging way.  The beauty of this process is that it happens in a very supportive energetic environment, with other participants holding the field so change can happen in a rapid, simple way.
If you are prepared to share the challenges in your life through conversation with Alcazar, you might well find that when you leave the challenges no longer leave with you!
Some people are surprised to find there are not simply energy meditations for the entire four days!  So, this is a heads up… We invite you to be open to the processing that happens, as it drives the energy work forward to a much higher level, and creates opening that can be truly expansive and transformative when you allow Alcazar's wisdom to touch you.


 Join Us for the Thanksgiving 2021 Intensive!

Please note: This is an in-person event only, and a commitment to attend the whole workshop essential. 
Masks are optional and there will be no social distancing during this event.



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 "With the Stargate work, we are moving your average vibration, so to speak, higher and higher. So slowly, slowly, you can access the guidance of your Superconscious Self. And that guidance will bring you into a far more beautiful life experience." 


- Alcazar