We have seen how much people accelerate as they return to subsequent in-person Stargate Intensives and Workshops...

We honor your commitment to awakening and your support of the Stargate project!
We recognize that your continued attendance supports the growing energetic field in the Stargate home and accelerates the process of those who are joining a workshop for the first time. 
We also realize that it is a substantial investment in your own growth process, so we are offering you special pricing when you attend more than one Stargate workshop or intensive in a year.
If you've been to any of our 3-Day or 4-Day Mt Shasta Stargate events in the past year, your savings are:
One Stargate Intensive   $55 Off
Two Stargate Intensives     $111 Off
Three+ Stargate Intensives   $222 Off
To receive special pricing on your next Stargate Intensive/Workshop, please simply sign up with the $111 "deposit to save your space" option.

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