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Help Anchor The Quantum Grid

The guides are looking for two small groups from the Stargate community who have a strong intention and commitment to shifting onto a higher timeline for themselves.  They will be assisting in anchoring the new energies of the Quantum Generators on Maui, the 3rd location on the planet that the guides have asked to have the Generator energy anchored.

Once this is done, many more Quantum Generators will be added to the Stargate grid around the world...

Are you one of these dedicated Stargaters?

Intimate Group

Limited to 33 participants.

Breakthrough Energies

We expect The Stargate Experience to take a giant leap!

Guidance of Alcazar & The Elohim

David the creator of the Quantum Generators will be joining us on Zoom to bring through the Elohim who have been guiding him in this creation.

Join Us On Maui!

 "Your Island of Maui is the place where the Stargate was born. And so now we bring these two back to this location so that something new can be born."

- Alcazar


Listen to the full Alcazar Channeling here:

Stargate Retreat Venue

Wailea Healing Center 

 120 Kaukahi St, Kihei, HI 96753


Maui Stargate Retreat 

Days 1, 3, 5, 7

10am - 6pm

Days 2, 4, 6

10am - 1:30pm

With a 2 hour lunch break each day, and plenty of time to integrate on the beach! 

The Stargate Retreat Maui Wait List!

Sign up for the wait list and we will let you know if/when a space at the retreat becomes available!


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