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Imagine stepping into a realm where the energy of Egyptian guides and sacred temples is palpable...


This Is The Stargate

An inter dimensional doorway - a sacred geometric structure that connects you to the beyond. Now, it will be infused with the living essence of Egypt. The energy you'll encounter is powered by the Quantum Field, resonating with the wisdom, initiations and power of ancient times. 

In these free livestreams you will experience energy meditations led by the Stargate's guide Alcazar, channeled through Prageet & Julieanne.


The Stargate Experience allows you to enter deep meditation and expanded consciousness effortlessly as you simply relax into the Stargate's high vibrational energy fields. 


Thousands of people around the world have experienced the Stargate... Will you join them?

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September 16th, 17th & 18th

Live at 6:30pm Cairo Time

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What You Will Experience In These Free Livestreams:

Antiquity of Egypt, North Africa & Atlantis

Sept 16th:  6:30pm - 8pm, local Cairo Time


The Divine Feminine - From Seshat to Thoth

Sept 17th:  6:30pm - 8pm, local Cairo Time


Ancient Initiations & Connecting to the  Star Families

Sept 18th:  6:30pm - 8pm, local Cairo Time




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