Into The Zone...


A Stargate Retreat In Nosara, Costa Rica

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Into The Zone...


This 6-day Stargate Experience in the 'Blue Zone' of Nosara, Costa Rica is being held in the beautiful Blue Spirit retreat center located in the jungle along a sandy beach on the Costa Rican Pacific Coast. 

The Galactic Command will be with us daily, bringing through very specific energetic frequencies guided by Alcazar to assist us in the next level of the rejuvenation process and the youthing of the body!


A Week Out Of Time...


We will step out of the regular flow of time, connect with the Time Masters and compress many weeks of experiences into an intense yet relaxed week together that can accelerate our individual youthing process.


August 28th - September 2nd, 2022


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Body Renewal in the Blue Zone

Blue Zones are unique regions across the world with the healthiest, happiest, and longest-living people. One of the world’s longevity hotspots is the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica – where our retreat is located. Scientists and demographers have classified these longevity hotspots as having common healthy traits and life practices that result in higher-than-normal longevity.

Our Retreat Venue

Blue Spirit Retreat Center

Guiones Sur, Playa Guiones, Nosara, Guanacaste, Costa Rica
Blue Spirit is one of the foremost world-class yoga and meditation retreat centers in Costa Rica, providing an extraordinary setting to all who are dedicated to spiritual transformation.
Located in Nosara, the Blue Spirit retreat center is perched on a hilltop overlooking the Pacific Ocean and a three-mile white sand beach that is protected as a turtle refuge.


Sky-Mind Hall

Our Stargate Retreat will be held in Blue Spirit's Sky-Mind Hall, a spacious group room with floor to ceiling windows and doors, offering breathtaking views of the three-mile-long Playa Guiones, as well as the lush green surrounding hills.



Blue Spirit offers spa & wellness services, has an on-site cafe and store, and a gorgeous saltwater pool!
The Blue Spirit Cafe offers an assortment of freshly made gluten-free and vegan snacks as well as fresh juices, smoothies, coffee & kombucha.
The saltwater pool has one-tenth the salinity of ocean water or one-third the salinity of human tears. You will enjoy the soft feel of the water, which is soothing to skin and hair and easier on eyes and noses than the water found in traditional chlorine pools.


Our stay at Blue Spirit includes three consciously prepared gourmet vegetarian meals a day. Fresh locally sourced fish is served three evenings per week and eggs every morning along with breakfast; cheese is also regularly available while the buffet always provides vegan and gluten-free options.
To accommodate food restrictions and allergies there is a Pure Food option, offering veggies, grains and legumes cooked without any seasoning or oils.
Blue Spirit works with local farmers, purchase organically grown produce when available and keep a high standard of freshness and good practices to make meals as healthy and vibrant as possible.

Guiones Beach 

Blue Spirit sits atop of a hillside overlooking a three-mile-long white sand beach along the Pacific Ocean. Guiones beach is home to a Turtle Refuge, which preserves the flora and fauna along the entire length; no building is permitted.
Blue Spirit is located at the quiet end of the beach, where swimming is easy, thanks to the gentle current. The 700 foot walk (220 meters) from Blue Spirit to the beach transverses lush grounds full of mango trees and coconut palms.

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Participants Share Their Stargate Experiences:


"Profound and life changing, highly recommend! The wisdom I received, through Prageet, Julianne and Alcazar was very valuable for helping me get clarity on issues I'm dealing with in my "everyday life". The meditations were so powerful and taught me how to connect to my true intuition and higher self  (Superconsciousness as they call it) like never before, enabling me to see the bigger picture of my life and understand what is really happening on our planet during these times of chaos and awakening."


"Thank you Prageet and Julieanne for the uplifting work you do for humanity! It is So Wonderful to be awakening as a part of the beautiful plan for our evolution on Earth. I am so grateful and lifted by the information and energy coming forward from Alcazar, and I know that our energy together is lifting our planet in Light! I am in Joy! Thank you and Namaste."


"My addictions seem to have fallen away. I have a lot to do and I’m not as easily distracted. My boundaries with other people seem better, my work has a different feeling as I am bringing this energy of the Stargate into my work, and the best of all, my son said he hadn’t ever seen me so happy!  I am aware of feeling both grounded and vast at the same time. My sense of humor and ease with people has improved!”

About The Stargate Experience

It is time to awaken. It is time to remember who you are. It is time to be free.

The beauty of The Stargate is that it creates a very strong but very gentle energetic - a multitude of levels of energy which are attuned to you individually.

And this attunement - this vibration - supports you in dissolving old limitations which are no longer serving you. And it assists you in beginning to access that which we call your Superconsciousness - the real you - the brilliance that you have within.

The Stargate is here to assist you in discovering your true self. It is not hard work, it is simply relaxing into benevolent, supportive energies connecting you to many guides and many dimensional realities that are available to assist… To uplift you… To begin to show you the vastness of this existence, far beyond that which you have experienced before.

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Prageet Harris is an English, internationally known channel who has assisted people with spiritual growth for thirty years. With his guide, Alcazar, Prageet designed and built the Stargate, which assists groups and individuals in the process of understanding and knowing Self – the process of awakening. His whole life has been dedicated to understanding how we as humans operate, how the unconscious mind and the emotions influence us, and how to move easily out of those patterns that we feel are limiting us.

In 1988 Prageet started to channel his guide Alcazar, who has a vast experience and understanding of the human condition, and a simple, clear way of talking that shares insights into the difficulties we experience in life. He is a hilarious master of love, wit, and wisdom, and he reconnects us to the truth we already know in our hearts.


Julieanne Conard joined The Stargate Experience in 2012 after discovering a profound connection to the Stargate & the guide Alcazar, whom she also channels.

Originally intending to study alternative medicine, Julieanne is now dedicated to the pursuit of personal transformation and rapid self-healing through the high-vibrational frequencies of The Stargate Experience.

With the guidance of Alcazar, Julieanne has developed a new form of energetic self-healing known as The Essence of Life, which she now teaches to others around the world. Together Prageet and Julieanne travel the globe sharing the Stargate work.

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