A 1-Day Workshop recorded live in Sedona, October 2018

The Stargate's Sedona Workshop

Part of Kryon's Sedona Channeling Retreat 2018

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"I am so grateful and lifted by the information and energy coming forward from Alcazar, and I know that our energy together is lifting our planet in Light! I am in Joy! Thank you and Namaste."

Stargate Testimonial

"If I can describe this moment...what I feel, the energy that surrounds my body and mind is really amazing. It’s not thoughts, it’s just calm, peace, gratitude, compassion, appreciation for this beautiful gift."

Stargate Testimonial

"Thank you so much. I have never felt such stillness. It was amazing. I am so excited to be sharing this experience with you all as one. I feel much lighter, Thank you."

Stargate Testimonial

Experience The Many Aspects of The Stargate Work

This gathering in Sedona created a very special energetic together in which Alcazar and the guides responded to enthusiastically. Throughout the day, energetic transmissions are brought in from the Star Families and the Masters of Lemuria, Alcazar guides a process in which we experience ourselves as our Superconsciousness, and later the Dragon Realm, the Galactic Command, and the Merpeople connect in, with of course so many more!

In This Audio Set You Will Receive:

MP3 audio files for the full day's workshop, including the guided meditations and the Q&A sessions where Alcazar responds to participants one on one.

FIVE meditations that were all given in just one day! (Please note: Because of the way in which the recordings were made, there are no non-music meditation options in this audio set) 

 A dual channeling from Alcazar and Kryon - recognising we are ultimately all one, and what it means to master Oneness.


 “You cannot imagine the wonders that are available to you when you begin to operate through your Superconsciousness, when you begin to allow understanding to come from your Superconsciousness to you.” 

- Alcazar

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