The Stargate's New Year's 2019 Intensive Audio Set

Rediscovering Self-Love

With the Stargate Experience and Robert Haig Coxon




Experience the transformative power of self-love 

“Love can be a shortcut because love, true love of self, can reveal things to you in a different way, in an easier way” - Alcazar

Throughout this 4 day intensive, Alcazar guides us in a simple and easy process to expand our ability to love one's Self

See What It's All About!

Click play below to hear about our experiences at the 2019 New Year's Intensive!


Listen To The New Year's 2019 Webinar and Meditation Here!

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Full Webinar Without Music

Full Webinar With Music

Meditation Without Music

Meditation With Music

 “As we said before this gathering occurred, there was a potential to bring in new energetics.

You have been feeling already these energies, which are indeed simply love.

We are preparing for this your 2019, we are preparing to share something that has not come to the Earth before”

- Alcazar


In This Audio Set You Will Receive:

  • Mp3 audio files of the entire four-day New Year's 2019 Intensive 
  • Audio recordings of Q&A sessions where Alcazar works with participants one on one
  • A simple 'I love you' technique to expand our ability to love one's Self
  • An experience of the energetic transmissions through sound as Robert Haig Coxon channels his music live
  • Become a part of bringing a whole new energetic of love to our Earth!

Audio Set Pricing

The contribution for this audio set is $66. We are aware that currencies in some countries have a lower value than the US dollar, so we have included an $33 price level. For those of you who have a genuine financial limitation right now, you are welcome join us with the concession price. We trust that those who can afford the full amount will select that option! :-)


One Time Payment

Purchase The Audios Here!



One Time Payment

Purchase The Audios Here!

See What People Are Saying About The Stargate Experience...

"The self-love I gained is priceless, and I've been able to share this energy with others. I noticed immediately a new depth to my closest relationships, I am forever transformed and eternally grateful to all. Love, love, love!!!"


"Words cannot begin to express my deep gratitude and delight for each meditation and channeling that I've taken part in and the immense love that I feel, connect to and embody each time."


"Was carried away deeply with wonderful vibrational and internally visual energy. Powerful. "



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