Opening The Doorway To New Gifts For Humanity

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Opening The Doorway To New Gifts For Humanity


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Eons ago, in ancient times, humanity had natural access to the Quantum Field...


It's time for us to reclaim that which we lost.



Why Quantum Evolution? 

For many years now Alcazar has been helping us understand and experience the Quantum Field and the depth within the Quantum Field that Alcazar has called 'The Void of Pure Potential'.

This is the place where creation occurs - where we individually effect and influence our life experience moment to moment.

Relatively recently, we connected with our friend David Clements, an English physicist and channel who has been working with his "team" of the Elohim and other guides.  This is fascinating as the Elohim have been overseeing the Stargate work since it's inception.

The Elohim asked David to create the Quantum Generators, which we will be using on Maui to anchor a strong, deep energetic into the island.  This will be the third place after Costa Rica and Slovenia that we have anchored these energies. 

After Maui, many of these Quantum Generators will become available to those around the world who have participated in these experiences, and the new Quantum Generator grid will be established.

This series of six livestreams will be an energetic "build up" to the livestreams of our Maui retreats...

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Quantum Evolution

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