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"The Stargate facilitator's training is like no other.  Those who choose to work with the Stargate through this training are connected to a higher dimensional consciousness - the Etheric Stargate - through the quantum field."  - Alcazar



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The Stargate Training is designed to empower you to guide Stargate meditation experiences for individuals and groups.
For those already working with people, this training will take you to another level of your work, whatever particular field you are in, and will demonstrate the power of the Stargate energy fields to amplify your current modalities.
During this training you will learn:
  • Alcazar's simple technique to help you open your intuition to channel  energy & information from the beyond 
  • How to use a physical or an Etheric Stargate to create supportive, quantum energetic fields. 
  • How to guide Stargate meditations, enabling multidimensional experiences for your participants!

There will be ample opportunities to practice feeling the Stargate responding to you as you guide meditations with your fellow trainees!

To join us for the Stargate Training an application is required for those who are new to the training. Applications need to be submitted by October 15th, 2021 at the very latest.


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Alcazar's channelings through Prageet and Julieanne for this facilitator training

Alcazar through Prageet

You learn how to access the many benevolent beings from the various realms who are ready to work through you to assist humanity in its awakening. This training is not lots of rules, not lots of directives, it is more about enabling you to feel the connection that is there for you right now. It is to learn a few techniques to be able to access all these benevolent beings..."

Alcazar through Julieanne

Are you ready to connect with the guides to be able to hear them? Are you ready to be able to tap your inner vision to describe what is happening in the field? Are you ready for the enhancement of how you are capable of perceiving these energies? You are absolutely unique. Are you ready to develop your uniqueness into your gift that you share with the world?" 

Read Alcazar's channelings about this training!

The Stargate Training

Become A Certified Stargate Facilitator


The cost of the Stargate training is  US$1,888


This can be paid in six monthly installments of  US$315


The Training Begins on October 22nd

With an evening session at 8pm - 10pm


October 23rd - 27th:

9am - 6:30pm each day with 3 hours of free time during the day!


The training will be held in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico at the Fiesta Americana Hotel


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Hotel Information

The Hotel Fiesta Americana in Puerto Vallarta is an all inclusive hotel...



The Stargate retreat and training at Puerto Vallarta have become really popular and there are no more rooms at the Fiesta Americana where the retreat and training are being held.

So we have now arranged 25 extra rooms at the beautiful Hilton Puerto Vallarta Resort (which is also an all inclusive hotel.) It is located less than a mile away from the Fiesta Americana Hotel where the Stargate events are being held. There will be no more rooms available after these are taken, so we encourage you to book your room at the earliest convenience. Please click on the link below.

For the reservation at the HILTON hotel click HERE!

You will also need to buy an Event Pass that will grant you access to the Fiesta Americana Hotel. The total cost of the Event Pass is $280 US and it includes: coffee breaks and lunches from Oct 15th to the 20th. This Event Pass will be available for purchase, at the Fiesta Americana Front Desk, on October 14th from 5:00 to 6:00pm, just before the start of our Stargate retreat.

We are all looking forward to seeing you in Puerto Vallarta! 

For the reservation at the HILTON hotel click HERE!


If you have questions contact our organizers: 

Liliana Avila, [email protected], +52 1 55 1798 4151

and Mariana de la Vega, [email protected], +52 1 55 5068 1090



Stargate Retreat Discount For Stargate Training Participants!

For those participating in the Stargate Training in Puerto Vallarta  we offer you a 50% discount for the weeklong Stargate retreat happening the week before.
You'll receive more information after you register for the training. 



Already A Trained Stargate Facilitator?

lease email us at [email protected]
Stargate Facilitators re-taking the training do not need to fill in an application form.

Join us and enjoy this beautiful environment in Puerto Vallarta!

Hotel Fiesta Americana

Av. Francisco Medina Ascencio, Zona Hotelera, Las Glorias, 48333 Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. Mexico


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See You In Puerto Vallarta!