Preparing For 

A New Humanity

“We wish to share our enthusiasm, our bliss, and our gratitude that so many of you are coming together to gather in your Slovenia to anchor a whole new blueprint for humanity.  And as we gather for this brief webinar, we wish to give you a flavor, a taste, an actual experience that will prepare you, that will begin to open up your receptivity to the energies that we wish to share with you in preparation for this new blueprint, in preparation to connect you to your own ability to create your lives in a totally new way.  

The blueprint will enable you to access abilities that you have not had here, that have not been possible here up until this moment, up until this vibratory level of humanity.  And so, we invite you to join this free webinar to actually start the process of opening up your receptivity to something that is totally new that has never been here on your Earth before, but your Earth and humankind are yearning for.”  -Alcazar

Join The Live Webinar Feb. 3rd @ 11:00AM Pacific Time

Live Channeled Music and Light Language

Robert Coxon and Lilly Wong will be connecting with you live from Canada

Stargate Energy Transmission

Prageet, Julieanne and the Stargate will be broadcasting from Mount Shasta, California

Having Fun With Friends!

Transformation into the new is about fun, love and joy.  Expand into high vibrational energies, with music and laughter!

Join Us For This Live Webinar!

This webinar will be simultaneously translated into ... {insert language here}!

Robert Coxon and Lilly Wong

Voices of the Elohim

Prageet and Julieanne

The Stargate Experience

Free, Live Webinar - Preparing For A New Humanity

February 3rd at 11am Pacific Time {insert time zone here)


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