The Valentine's Day 2019 Stargate Intensive Audio Set

Opening To Universal Love

With The Stargate Experience and Robert Haig Coxon

Experience this unique & powerful 4-day Stargate intensive!

“Beloveds, it is our intention in these days is to give you a taste of true freedom”  - Alcazar

During the Valentine's Day Intensive Alcazar and the guides assist us in dissolving the barriers and beliefs we have around love, and then bring in an entirely new frequency of love, an energetic that they are calling universal love...

Alcazar's Introduction To Universal Love

Love is far more than is generally understood.  You are taught to look for love in another, but in order to experience the depths of this energy one needs, first of all to love Self. And as you allow this loving of Self, change happens within and you start to get waves of Self-love simply just appearing as you go about your daily life. And as you allow this Self-love, what starts to happen is you connect into what we can only call a universal love energy. It is no longer personalized, it is something that can sweep over you in a moment bringing all kinds of sensations. Yes, love is there, gratitude is there, amazement is there, incredible appreciation of every little thing, this is an experience of this universal love.  


Within this audio set you will receive:

  • Mp3 audio files of the four-day Valentine's Day 2019 Intensive 
  • A total of 14 Stargate meditations with the option to meditate with music or no music
  • Audio recordings of Q&A sessions where Alcazar works with participants one on one
  • An experience of the energetic transmissions through sound as Robert Haig Coxon channels his music live
  • Experience universal love and help anchor this energetic into the morphic field!  This is part of the preparation for bringing in the new Blueprint For Humanity in Slovenia!

Also receive Alcazar's insights on questions such as...

- What is shame and how to dissolve it?
- What is most important when connecting with the inner child?
- Why do we fear death?
- What's the difference between an etheric and physical Stargate, and what about putting etheric Stargate over disaster areas?
- What is this physical pain trying to tell me?
- How do I create in the Quantum Field?
And much more!


See What People Are Saying About The Stargate Experience...

"The transmissions and meditations have brought me so much peace and joy and I am really looking forward to expand into even greater peace, love and joy in the time ahead."


"I felt so much love and light and a connection in this group meditation like never before. The first day meditation brought tears of joy to my heart . Thank you so much!"


"Words cannot begin to express my deep gratitude and delight for each meditation and channeling that I've taken part in and the immense love that I feel, connect to and embody each time. It is truly a gift beyond measure."


Audio Set Pricing

It is our intention to share Alcazar's wisdom with the world. In order to make these experiences more accessible to those countries and individuals who are financially challenged at the moment, we are creating an inexpensive option to purchase this audio set. Please take a moment to tune in and see the level at which you would like to support the Stargate work!

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One Time Payment

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"It is time for you to know far more about this amazing energetic called love."


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