1st Shasta Stargate Workshop Meet Your Star Family - Kryon2019

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Refundable (minus 10%) if canceling before April 1st 2019
Refundable (minus 25%) if canceling before May 1st 2019
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NO refund after May 31st 2019!


What People Are Saying About The Stargate Experience: 

“Shivers of light vibrations were flowing through my body. Every tensions was gone, expansion in my body and freedom took place. A wonder of relief and knowing that this was my Super-consciousness talking to me. Such a moment of Grace and Love. Like Alcazar often says : "It is easy it is simple" if I just find the right entrance. From the bottom of my heart I am grateful for all the guidance we receive.Thank you bring me more!”

Petra, Germany

““Stargate has given me an expanded ability to change my state of being, unlike anything that I have utilized up to this point. There is an awareness that each moment is a new beginning and there is much, much more, just for the asking!” ”

David, Nevada

“The Stargate work is such a powerful push towards enlightenment that I can say: I have never encountered a spiritual work I would consider as equally deep before. Many blessings! ”

Lars, Germany

““I think the Stargate has shifted something as I am now at a higher vibration, I definitely am finding everyday things flowing VERY much more easily, and I am getting more business. Something that was causing problems in my life has now gone. Curiously, I have got my self confidence back!” ”

Jonathon, England

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1st Shasta Stargate Workshop Meet Your Star Family - Kryon2019 $44.00 USD
Due Now $44.00 USD