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Understanding The Vibration of Gratitude - $47

Lifetime Access To The Audio Recordings

  • Energetic experiences recorded live during a 4-Day Stargate Intensive in Mount Shasta
  • As you listen, meditate, and the energetic transmissions will come to you - uniquely - in the moment
  • You can download these audios or stream them online

Enjoy your experience!

“The meditation for bathing in gratitude brought out such a profound reaction of spontaneous laughter and emotional release that had me giggling and beaming the rest of the night. I also experienced healing in my eyes earlier on in this intensive. There had been a color difference between the two eyes for years, one seeing cooler shades and the other warmer shades. Now my eyes are seeing the same colors. :) Thank you.”


“For the first time during Thanksgiving, I came to understand gratitude as a vibration that I experience as a deep, delicious effervescence within every cell of my being that is dependent on nothing. Gratitude for me has always been conditional and I couldn't conceive of being grateful for all the circumstances of my life…the good, the bad and the ugly. Now I know I can choose to abide in a state of deep gratitude which frees me from subjective perceptions that judge a circumstance as good or bad. From this place I can be steady and joyful, as the mystery that is my life unfolds with benefits beyond my wildest imaginings.”