Growing Young - The Stargate's Youthing Program

$37.00 USD

In this previously recorded program, you will receive:

  • Access to the video recordings of the four 2-hour webinars
  • Downloadable mp3 and zip audio files for every meditation
  • Access to the private Facebook group so that you can connect with people around the world!

What People Are Saying:

Just had to share! Since Sundays workshop, I noticed a not so subtle difference in my body today while taking an aerobic exercise class. It felt easier and I was able to do jumps in the air that I don't usually do, but could do when i was younger : ). Then it came to me clear as day that the difference I had felt in my body was due to the cellular work from Sundays meditation. Hard to believe that it would effect me so quickly, but intuitively that is what feels true. Pretty cool stuff.


During the 4th meditation/channeling (Consciousness and DNA) I sensed all the "movements" inside my energy field/my DNA like Biophotons - I´d say. Like twinkling of soft lights - which the music supported perfectly! Yes, "rippling" - as Alcazar says - also fits what I sensed. Occurring of light-connections at different times but very quickly and soft twinkling - not very easy to describe with words.

Jennifer, Germany. Medical doctor

Miracles happened. I felt completely in ‘The Now’. It was amazing. Then this week we repeated the recordings, specially during the night when we awoke. Then on Wednesday I met a friend, she looked at me and said: “You look soo good, younger”, on Friday I visited a medical clinic - she looked at me and said: “you look soo good, younger”, Then yesterday evening we met some friends who had not seen us for a few weeks, one of them said to me: “You look so good, younger, fresh!”. This is really amazing. We are looking forward to the meditation on the stem-cells. New miracles will happen.

Ellen, The Netherlands

For me, the meditations on Sunday were both, beautiful and powerful. When I woke up in the morning, I felt like being in another body. I am so grateful, Prageet and Julieanne and, of course, Alcazar, for all which you are doing for the highest and best of humanity. The Stargate energies are one of the most fulfilling energies I have ever encountered. I even feel them when I am not thinking about them. Last year, I bought a physical stargate from you, and I have the impression that it is always working and surrounding me with love and a very high vibration. Many blessings to you all who are willing to open themselves up to this process. Love to all!

Lars, Germany

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