Meet Your Star Family

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Meet Your Star Family

Stargate Meditation Audios Created With Live Audiences 

During 4 Evening Gatherings In Mount Shasta, California‚Ä®

Eight Unique Stargate Energy Meditations and Three Alcazar Channellings
These Audios Will Take You On Journeys To Connect With Your Star Family!

Recorded Live

At The Stargate's Home in Mount Shasta

These Audios Will Take You On A Journey To Connect With Your Star Family!

Meet Your Star Family

Free Gift!

4 unique evening Stargate experiences

Each evening has two meditations that assist you in connecting to your star family!

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LISTEN to Alcazar's Channeling

We invite you to listen to what Alcazar has to say about this particular Stargate experience.
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"Beloved Ones, We Greet Thee 'Tis Alcazar,


As many of you know, humanity owes its ability to live and love in consciousness, this is owed to the presence of the Pleiadians who came here eons ago in your time and enabled humankind to become conscious.  

But, Beloved Ones, the Pleiadians are just a small part, a small important part, of the history of humanity. For, there are many different civilizations out in your stars, out there in your universe. So many of these star families have been very much involved in supporting humanity up until this point, and they are excited to assist humanity beyond the now into the vast, rapid expansion of consciousness that is about to occur here on your Earth.

There are many star families, as we call them, some are very well know like the Hathors, who have lived in your Egypt many many centuries ago, and the Sirians, you have heard of them, and perhaps the Arcturians, there are many. Beloved Ones, they are waiting for you to connect to them, and let us say this, when the Pleiadians came thousands of your years ago, and brought the ability for the human to become conscious, that opened the door for the various beings from around the universe to come into the human form, to bring your consciousness from your family in the stars and be reborn here as human.  

So, Beloved Ones, you have come from the stars, you have heard Kryon say this. Many of you, yes indeed, are from the Pleiades but you are also from so many different star systems. We invite you to join us, we will bring those star families here, into this space, into the Stargate Home around the large Stargate. In that energetic field we will invite you to connect to your family from the stars, to feel them, to invite them to begin to support you, to invite them to begin to remind you of where you are from and why you are here and what gifts you have to reveal to yourself and to the rest of humanity.

And so, Beloved Ones, if you are ready to discover what a vast being you are, and what a long history in the universe you have lived, come and join us.  Rediscover a beautiful part of who you are."


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