We are being drawn to share with you both a personal and planetary energetic of evolution...

The Stargate Is Coming To London!

January 2nd, 3rd & 4th, 2023
Join Prageet, Eugenia & The Quantum Generators...
This will be three days of powerful personal transformation. 
Join Us In London!
"We are inviting you to be one of a gathering who anchors into this place an energetic to support individual transformation.
By moving through a gentle process yourselves, you'll be anchoring that energetic into the area and into the morphic field of humanity." 
- Alcazar 


Listen to Alcazar's channeling:

Our Event Venue

Millennium Gloucester Hotel

4-18 Harrington Gardens London SW7 4LH
Located in the beautiful neighbourhood of South Kensington, and just minutes away from Gloucester Road station.
London Heathrow Airport is only 45 minutes away and is easily accessible via the London underground. 
Hotel Contacts:

Time & Date 

January 2nd, 3rd & 4th
10am to 6pm each day.
Doors open 9:30am.
Bring your own lunch or eat in local cafes and restaurants. The lunch break will be 90 minutes.


Further details on travel directions and places to eat after registering for the workshop. 



London Workshop


One Time Payment

  • Workshop access
  • Tea, coffee, snacks twice daily 
  • Audio recordings
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London Workshop

3 x $111

3 Monthly Payments

  • Workshop access
  • Tea, coffee, snacks twice daily 
  • Audio recordings
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About The Stargate Experience


It is time to awaken. It is time to remember who you are. It is time to be free.

The beauty of The Stargate is that it creates a very strong but very gentle energetic - a multitude of levels of energy which are attuned to you individually.

And this attunement - this vibration - supports you in dissolving old limitations which are no longer serving you. And it assists you in beginning to access that which we call your Superconsciousness - the real you - the brilliance that you have within.

The Stargate is here to assist you in discovering your true self. It is not hard work, it is simply relaxing into benevolent, supportive energies connecting you to many guides and many dimensional realities that are available to assist… To uplift you… To begin to show you the vastness of this existence, far beyond that which you have experienced before.

Watch The Video

Prageet Harris is an English, internationally known channel who has assisted people with spiritual growth for thirty years. With his guide, Alcazar, Prageet designed and built the Stargate, which assists groups and individuals in the process of understanding and knowing Self – the process of awakening. His whole life has been dedicated to understanding how we as humans operate, how the unconscious mind and the emotions influence us, and how to move easily out of those patterns that we feel are limiting us.

In 1988 Prageet started to channel his guide Alcazar, who has a vast experience and understanding of the human condition, and a simple, clear way of talking that shares insights into the difficulties we experience in life. He is a hilarious master of love, wit, and wisdom, and he reconnects us to the truth we already know in our hearts.


Eugenia Alves will be joining this workshop as a special guest!

Alcazar has, in the past, recognised Eugenia as one of the Essenes, the spiritual group that prepared the energies for the coming of Yeshua (Jesus). She was also part of the Cathars in the South of France.

Alcazar has also said that Eugenia was, in a previous incarnation, Joan of Arc, who was guided by both Mary and Yeshua, and had both those names on her rallying flag.

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 See You Soon in London!


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