Accelerated Ascension

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Accelerated Ascension with three free livestreams.


Feel the transformation happening:

  • Energetic alignments and channeled wisdom from angelic realms
  • Stargate energy transmissions that expand your awareness into the Quantum field
  • Preparing your body, mind and Spirit to be a receptacle to draw your Ascended Self into the human experience! 


The best part is, there's 'nothing to do', just relaxing into a conscious, high

vibrational energy field that moves you effortlessly into Ascended States.

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Feel in your body the increased energy, the raising of your frequency that supports health and wellness - and a greater connection to Source energy.

Jun 17 • 10am Pacific Time


Resolve deep layers of your unconscious mind to align with your innate wisdom, moving into a far greater interface with your Superconscious Self.

Jul 11 • 10am Pacific Time


The great unknown welcomes you through gentle energetics and words of wisdom that allow a relaxed opening into the Vastness of All That Is...

Aug 5  • 11am Pacific Time



The free sessions will be building a growing field of energy, understanding and transformative experiences. 

In August this process of Accelerated Ascension will liftoff into 4 days of VAST interdimensional energetics... 

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Commit To Going Deeper


Immerse yourself into the full 4 day livestream experience:

⊛ Toroidal energy fields connecting heaven and earth
⊛ Spiraling upwards and inwards to the unknown that you know is there!
⊛ Self-discovery in a whole new way with sudden, unexpected entry into Ascended States 


Accelerated Ascension is a live, online workshop held on August 8th - 12th, exploring the depth and expansion of our Beings. 


Experience what promises to be one of the most powerful collaborations yet, utilizing this special Universal opening of the Lion’s Gate, where the energies from Sirius are particularly potent.


“This gathering will indeed be an acceleration of consciousness, and similar to the last process that you have done together, it will indeed create a shift in the life experiences of those who participate…”


“All of those that have chosen to participate will benefit — physical wellbeing, emotional wellbeing, mental wellbeing, and energetic alignment will become a part of this experience.”

Read Alcazar and Emmanuel's full channelings about this unique collaboration


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Broadcasting Live from Blue Spirit Retreat in Costa Rica


Sunday, August 8th - Monday, August 9th, 2021


Wednesday, August 11th - Thursday, August 12th, 2021


Instant Replay Videos Available

Live Sessions: 9am - 1pm Costa Rica Time

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Accelerated Ascension

Guided By The Stargate Experience & Asil Toksal 


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  • Access The Full Online Workshop
  • Instant Replay Videos
  • Audios Of Each Meditation, Channeling and Full Session
  • Lifetime Access To These Experiences!

Livestream Registration


One Time Payment

  • Access The Full Online Workshop
  • Instant Replay Videos
  • Audios Of Each Meditation, Channeling and Full Session
  • Lifetime Access To These Experiences!

Livestream Registration


One Time Payment

  • Access The Full Online Workshop
  • Instant Replay Videos
  • Audios Of Each Meditation, Channeling and Full Session
  • Lifetime Access To These Experiences!


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Our mission is to share this wisdom with the world. In order to make these experiences more widely accessible to those countries and individuals who are financially challenged at the moment, we have created inexpensive options to participate in this program.

About The Stargate Experience


It is time to awaken. It is time to remember who you are. It is time to be free.

The beauty of The Stargate is that it creates a very strong but very gentle energetic - a multitude of levels of energy which are attuned to you individually.

And this attunement - this vibration - supports you in dissolving old limitations which are no longer serving you. And it assists you in beginning to access that which we call your Superconsciousness - the real you - the brilliance that you have within.

The Stargate is here to assist you in discovering your true self.

It is not hard work, it is simply relaxing into benevolent, supportive energies connecting you to many guides and many dimensional realities that are available to assist… To uplift you… To begin to show you the vastness of this existence, far beyond that which you have experienced before.

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Prageet Harris is an English, internationally known channel who has assisted people with spiritual growth for thirty years. With his guide, Alcazar, Prageet designed and built the Stargate, which assists groups and individuals in the process of understanding and knowing Self – the process of awakening. His whole life has been dedicated to understanding how we as humans operate, how the unconscious mind and the emotions influence us, and how to move easily out of those patterns that we feel are limiting us.

In 1988 Prageet started to channel his guide Alcazar, who has a vast experience and understanding of the human condition, and a simple, clear way of talking that shares insights into the difficulties we experience in life. He is a hilarious master of love, wit, and wisdom, and he reconnects us to the truth we already know in our hearts. • •


Julieanne Conard joined The Stargate Experience in 2012 after discovering a profound connection to the Stargate & the guide Alcazar, whom she also channels.

Originally intending to study alternative medicine, Julieanne is now dedicated to the pursuit of personal transformation and rapid self-healing through the high-vibrational frequencies of The Stargate Experience.

With the guidance of Alcazar, Julieanne has developed a new form of energetic self-healing known as The Essence of Life, which she now teaches to others around the world.

Together Prageet and Julieanne travel the globe sharing the Stargate work. • 


About Asil Toksal and Ascension One

Asil Toksal is an Austrian-born channel. His work includes group energy alignment sessions and the channeling of celestial guides, as well as working on the energetic alignment of sacred sites around the world. The goal of this work is to assist in the evolution of consciousness in humanity. He has traveled widely to do this work, throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

For the past eighteen years, Asil has been deeply committed to a spiritual path while also training in a variety of different energy healing modalities. He has worked with many masters and lineage holders of various traditions in South America, North America, and China. In his earlier years he also served as a CEO and corporate executive in software, marketing, and communications.

Five years ago, during a moment of deep spiritual experience, Asil connected for the first time to the channeled angelic guides and energies that he works with today. He was offered the opportunity to work closely with these guides, but he was asked to make the choice to let go of the prior traditions, rituals, and healing methods he had learned.

After making this choice, the guides assisted him through an intensive spiritual and energetic transformation process. This created a connection that allowed him to begin to receive and transmit energy, as well as spoken wisdom from these angelic and celestial realms. This connection forms the basis of his work.

He lives in Marin County, Northern California. In 2019, to support his work, he created the not-for-profit 501c3, Ascension One Collective, Inc.

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To learn more about Asil and his work, as well as find and up-to-date schedule of events, videos, transcripts and more, please visit: • •

“This is about anchoring new realms, new spaces, new availability.

- Alcazar




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