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Into The Void

Beyond the Beyond...  Discover the YOU beyond your humanness


Journey Together Into The Void
Journey Together Into The Void


You're In The Void...

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." Albert Einstein

So, who are you?



You • Are • Unlimited

  • Science understands the illusory nature of our reality.  We wish to give you a spiritual experience of the void, a place from which all creation happens.
  • It is possible to learn how to create your reality from within the void,  reconnecting to all that you knew before you became human

On This Journey, You Will...


Go Beyond Your Humanness

The Void is a field of consciousness.  Every cell in your body is conscious.  Every organelle within the cell is conscious.  Your DNA is conscious.  So who are you? 

Experience Elevated Consciousness

The Stargate exists as a portal to many realities, but ultimately, to the no-thing-ness of the void, of Spirit - pure consciousness, pure potential, pure creativity.  The intention of this series is to know your creative ability and to use it. 

Go Further, Faster - Together

Catch the wave into higher consciousness as hundreds upon hundreds of Stargaters meditate together in the Quantum Field, empowering us to go beyond the beyond - to the threshold of the void.

Slip Into A Network Of Silence

There are going to be moments as we begin to connect into the no-thing-ness of the void where we will move into silence, which will enable us individually to slip into an experience of the void.  These moments of silence, of stillness, engender a deep reset and renewal of your biology.

Embrace The Paradox:  You Are Alone, And All-One

Alcazar has said, "You are just a ripple in the field".  Consciousness creating the illusion of individuality to experience being human within the projected reality of the physical realm.

Empower Your Support System

Within the illusion of dimensions there are many who become guides to our human experience.  They function from a higher vibration and can therefore see clearly our human misunderstandings which lead to a limited human experiences.  They are ready to guide us... 

Reset and Renew

As your consciousness dissolves into the void, the Stargate elevates the frequency in every cell of your body, enabling higher functioning and supporting, youthing, intuition, and enhanced energy flow.

How This Series Works

Your Spirit

Is Universal Consciousness, Eternally Evolving


Lifetime after lifetime, deep within your higher dimensional DNA is immense wisdom and experiencing from your eternal past... Your humanness can tap this field of information.

Your DNA

Is Entangled With Spirit, Anchoring You Here


As you open to receive clear messages from Spirit, your body, mind and energy align to your higher purpose and potential.  Moving into the void will enhance this alignment.

'Into the Void' is an exploration of your own consciousness

This series is intended to take you by the hand, so to speak,
and to guide you towards an experience of your own creativity,
your own ability to be the guide for your own Self. 
In Becoming Superconscious, we introduced you to the quantum field. We helped you bring your awareness there, beyond the body, beyond the physical. In those experiences, you met different guides, you met your future selves and so on, but it was still in a sense, part of the duality. The quantum field is much more. You have stood on the edge of it, so to speak. 
With Into The Void, we will plunge deeply into the beyond. Your reality is not what it seems, we have said this many times, and your scientists can tell you different aspects of this illusion. Your past exists in that which you call your memory, and every time you recall your past, recall situations from your past, you change it a little. Science understands this. 
What we are wishing to guide you into understanding is that your past, in a sense, does not exist, there is only now. It is not to negate all that has happened. It is to benefit from every aspect of it. And as you benefit from a deep understanding of that which has seemingly gone before, you can with your energetic, with your clarity, and with your emotional feeling energies, start to create a more desirable experience of that which you call the future, but what we would call just the experiencing of now. 
Your now moment can become more and more beautiful. Your now moment can start to experience abundance on all levels. So we invite you Into The Void. We invite you into the depths and heights of your consciousness. It is time to truly discover your potential. It is time to truly discover who you are.
- Alcazar, The Stargate's Guide

Listen to Alcazar's Invitation

Into The Void

The Journey Begins, Anew!

A New Octave of the Original Series, Experienced Live with the Stargate Community
This is a 3-month energy experience hosted by various Stargate Facilitators, and together we experience the program's original channelings & meditations from Alcazar through Prageet & Julieanne


Live Schedule

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

Live at 10am Pacific Time

July 12 - 14 / 19 - 21 / 26 - 28

August 9 - 11 / 16 - 18 / 23 - 25

September 14 - 16 / 20 - 22 / 27 - 29


Designed to take you again and again to the threshold of the Beyond, 'Into the Void', where your true Self resides.


See What Alcazar Has to Say About This New Experience...

"For the past three months, we have been guiding several thousand people around your world, showing them how, with their intention, you can create a very tangible, global, energetic field. The field that can be felt by each individual, wherever and whenever they connect in to this program Into The Void.

We are now inviting a larger audience to participate in this experience. We are going to replay the words, the sounds, the information. Almost all of those who created the original experience will be joining again to take the field deeper and stronger, for this field has the potential to allow you to consciously create from the void of pure energetics, pure potential.

We invite those who are touched by the perspective of being a conscious creator to join this global gathering, as they take the energetics already created and amplify, deepen, and clarify these energetics of creation. We are teaching you the physics of the Quantum Field, it is very different to the physics of your third dimension. It is time to re-remember that which you have known in your ancient past. It is time to re-access the abilities that some of the Masters have shown quite recently, the ability to manifest what seems like out of thin air, physical objects. We are moving in that direction. Conscious creation from the void of pure potential is possible.

As you join together with many thousands around the world, the field that you create benefits each individual. But also, with a group intention, you can start the creative process and direct it at areas of your Earth or of humanity. So, it is not just a personal evolution, it is an opportunity to assist in the evolution of humankind.

Beloved Ones, if these words touch you, trigger something inside you, your energy is needed. For, you are one who is on the leading edge of awakening, and you can support a more rapid evolution of humanity and your Earth.

Join us. Discover that which you have known in your ancient, ancient past, and live it now."

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Into The Void

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"We can take you to the doorway, to the threshold, and then you need to move beyond. You need to move into the void. But it is not something you can do with your mind. It is something that can happen, may happen, when you are in a relaxed, meditative state.  And so into the void will be a series of meditations. Into the void will be another opportunity to move deeper into knowing Self. And so we look forward to the potentials that each one of you hold as we join together."

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Into The Void